Tipping Point Collective: Creatively Styling Your Wedding Photoshoots

One of the exciting things an engaged couple and their family look forward to (besides the wedding itself), is the prenup shoot! It’s a way couples can show their family and friends their fun, creative and romantic side prior to the wedding. The photos/ video used will also be something the couple will surely look back on years after their marriage as a reminder of the good times they had and the reason they fell in love in the first place.

When planning the prenuptial shoot, we often fuss about finding the right photographer/videographer who will capture the perfect moments and shots. While they are definitely one of the most important part of the pictorial or video shoot, there are other components that are equally as important that often go unnoticed – the setting.


Tipping Point (01)Photo by Paul Vincent (taken from Tipping Point Collective’s FB page)


A lot of couples opt to just go someplace nice for the photo/video shoot. While this also works, imagine how magical it would be to add a little more props. It’s not everyday you get to do a romantic shoot, might as well make the most of it. That’s where Tipping Point comes in.


Tipping Point Collective

“Established in September 2012, Tipping Point is a collective for engagement styling, advertising, fashion and production design purposes. All of the members have diverse experiences and backgrounds ranging from fine arts, photography, fashion design and visual merchandising.

The team’s focus is on timeless styles using novel concepts; always keeping in mind, however, the preference, the ideas, and the style of the client. Guided by art, intuition and history rather than following the latest trends. Change, challenge and variety is welcomed and enjoyed.

The important thing is not to get bored on the job. When work becomes a chore that can be dangerous. It’s more about exploration, self-expression and trying out innovative ideas without limitation with structured ideas or formulas.”

What I especially love about Tipping Point is the way they can turn any dull picture into a magical one. A blank room can instantly be transformed into the Garden of Eden, or an empty parking garage into a scene from the 50’s. More than just their eye for creativity and multiple props, Tipping Point will go the extra mile to make sure your shoot turns out as beautifully as you envisioned it. They would even personally collect dried leaves and twigs if you want to shoot an Autumn scene. Though photos can already be lovely as is, have a stylist like Tipping Point will make it even more surreal. But don’t just take my word for it, here are some clients who were more than happy with the results of working with Tipping Point Collective.


Tipping Point Collective Sample Works and Testimonials


Camille Prats and VJ Yambao

“We had a really good experience with Tipping Point Collective during our shoot even if we only spoke through text and email to share ideas about our concept. Their styling ideas are unique and one of a kind, but not to the extent that it looks weird already. They were so easy to work with, their set up was as fast as our costume changes. We had a lot of fun during our shoot and Mithi (one of the members of Tipping Point Collective) and I ended up as new found friends.”



I just love how colorful one scene was and how vintage the next one became. It’s really cool how something can change so vividly just by adding the right props!


Photography: John Prats and Jay Contreras
Set Design: Tipping Point Collective
Make up: Rick Calderon

Hair: Eddie Mar Go Cabiltes


Kelly Ongkeko and Michelle Uy

“Tipping point team has translated our vision and imagination so well into our prenup photos. Their execution is creative and professional. It is truly an experience that we will forever appreciate!”
Photo by MangoRed
IMG_9249Photo by Nelwin Uy


Notice again how not only the background changes, but how the outfits match perfectly with each scene. More than just creatively styling your sets, Tipping Point Collective can also help you select the right outfits for each photo.

Styling: Tipping Point Collective
Gown Designer: Mara Chua
Makeup: Gery Penaso

Steffi Blair Ong and Ian Chan

“Tipping Point made our dream set up of having a princess and emperor theme for our prenup movie. They did an excellent job with their artistic touch and the team is super friendly!! They can probably create whatever concept you want. Thank you Tipping Point for helping us create an unforgettable moment.”
Tipping Point (02)


Photography: Arwiny Lifestyle Photography

Video: Stellar Video

Styling: Tipping Point Collective
Hair and Makeup: Gery Penaso

 Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor

 “My husband and I only wanted the shoot to be comfortable (with what we were wearing and to be comfortable in front of the camera). Like all relationships, you need trust. And we just simply trusted the team behind our prenup shoot which made our experience superb! Your suppliers are artists so collaborate together and oh the many wonderful things you guys can do. Thanks Tipping Point Collective for styling us and teaching me to love shopping and clothes!!”
 Tipping Point (05)
Toto and Nicolai’s photos seem very simple but still very artistic. How many people do you know can say that they took a photoshoot with a sofa in the middle of the road, right?

Tipping Point does more than just styling the background, they also make sure that every element – including the couple’s clothes are cohesive and look perfect for the shoot.

Photography: Proudrad
Styling: Tipping Point Collective
Hair and Makeup: Gery Penaso

Joey Ramirez and Sitti Navarro

 “I have nothing but so much love and appreciation for our prenup team. Tipping Point’s styling was spot on and amazingly creative, couples with Cherryblocks, they make an amazing team. My husband and I were so happy with the photos! Everyone was a breeze and joy to work with too”
Check out how simple the first photo was with just a few colorful pieces at the back to bring the photo to life. Then comes the second scene that looks like they were in an old lake side home. I especially love the chairs hanging from the back!
Photography by Cherryblocks
Styled by Tipping Point Collective and John Lozano
Make Up by Maui Stevens Manalo


It’s not everyday that you get to have a photoshoot. Whether it be for your engagement/wedding, debut, business or any random occasion, we all want to make sure our photo turns out perfectly and memorable. It’s not easy to pay attention to the minor kinks and details, which is why having Tipping Point there will ensure everything goes well. Tipping Point is able to make any dull scene into something magical. Through their creativity and styling, they will take you to a whole new world and make sure each photo or video is something that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.


Tipping Point Collective

Website: https://www.tippingpointcollective.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TippingPointCollective/

IG: @TippingPointCollective

Contact number: 0917 430 5079