Timeless Style: Why Denim Sneakers Work

Denim has been around for over a century and is well known for complementing various clothing choices. It goes well with daily work attire and can also be worn at very casual occasions. It is timeless in its design: that signature fading look, the rough texture, and its ability to stand the test of time – of multiple years of wear. Although we have reached a new age, denim is still as relevant as it was back in the day.

saucony denim model cross standing up

A good sneaker needs to be stylish, comfortable, and durable. Any quality sneaker has to fit these descriptions, but what separates a great sneaker from the rest is how it gives attention to detail. A great sneaker has to be timeless in its design and build quality. So why not mix both and get denim sneakers? They work!

saucony denim shoes zoom in The Saucony Jazz Denims

In a very urban setting like Makati (far from the “urban” of NYC), you’ll always see people in business or smart casual attire in leather shoes or the usual sneaks advertised by athletes and sold by very famous brands. But a pair of denim sneakers? We took a pair of Saucony Jazz Denims to the streets of Makati Central Business District and went on an escape from the conformist business getup to a more casual attire. It’s a breath of fresh air, much like a walk in the park.

saucony denim model with trees
A breath of fresh air.

saucony denim model sitting
Even in busy Makati, you have to sit down and stop for a while.

saucony denim model standing 2
A subtle touch of denim in the colorful Ayala underpasses.

saucony denim shoes zoom in with reflection

The Saucony Jazz Denims add a subtle denim flair that goes well with just about any outfit – from shirts and jeans to dresses. Just like their running shoes (I personally own two pairs of Triumph 9’s), they do a darn good job of pampering a person’s feet. Eden Rose Hernandez, who wears the shoes in the photos, shares that switching back to flats was a pain after wearing these around the city. You might get tempted into getting a pair for yourself once you try them on. *grins*

Photography by: Eia Collantes
Model: Eden Rose Hernandez

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