TikTok is NOT Banned (It was an April Fool’s Joke!)

Every year at When in Manila, we churn out articles on April Fool’s Day to put a smile on people’s faces and make them laugh if even for a moment – whether because of the absurdity of the joke or because they really believed the article was true for a while.

This year, we decided to write an article for April Fool’s Day about TikTok getting banned in the Philippines due to “overuse”. Surprisingly, though, a lot of people took it seriously and many still have not caught on that it was merely an April Fool’s joke.

tiktok banned joke

As such, we feel the need to write this article to tell you that TikTok will NOT be banned in the Philippines.

Anyone who has shared this information on their own blogs or websites should be aware that the article was merely meant to be a joke. We didn’t expect the article to blow up that much or that quickly, and we apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this may have brought about.

We are huge fans and supporters of TikTok (follow us: @wheninmanila and @lilmisswonderwoman hehe) and would be the first ones to be devastated to lose the app. We hope this clears things up and belated April Fool’s Day once again. 🙂

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