Three Little Pigs: A Must-Visit Speakeasy in Kapitolyo

Kapitolyo in Pasig is home to some of the best restaurants and other food nooks in town. It’s definitely a foodie’s haven for coffee, homey dishes, Korean food, dessert, Mexican food, and more! However, this area actually also has a lot of secrets and by secrets, we mean hidden bars like RM 16 and our most recent discovery, Three Little Pigs!

Three Little Pigs 1

You may think this is just another door or wall…

Three Little Pigs 3

…but it actually gives you access to Three Little Pigs!

Three Little Pigs is a speakeasy located on the 2nd floor of Sisig Society along East Capitol Drive. Like we were, you’ll be skeptical if that floor is really accessible until you chat and ask the crew of Sisig Society about the hidden bar inside.

A white brick wall at one part of the restaurant is apparently a door that opens to a staircase with dim lights. While you walk up the steps, you’ll see interesting artworks of pigs made by their team.

Three Little Pigs 13

Artworks of pigs on the side of the staircase

And that’s how you get to Three Little Pigs! The place as a whole elicits a laid-back and homey vibe, which is ideal for chatting with your friends over cocktails. There are more artworks and illustrations of pigs in the bar itself, thus the hidden bar’s name. It’s a great topic for a conversation-starter!

Three Little Pigs 4

The main counter

Three Little Pigs 11

Artworks and illustrations of pigs everywhere

Three Little Pigs 5


Speaking of cocktails, this bar only serves classic ones to suit their classy atmosphere. We tried the following:

Three Little Pigs 7

Old Fashioned, Php285

Their bestseller Old Fashioned is truly a classic. It’s made of bourbon, sugar, and Angostura bitters, and is perfect for different types of conversations with your friends!

Three Little Pigs 9

Gin Basil Smash, Php225

Gin Basil Smash is my personal favorite. For people who like fruity and refreshing cocktails that still give a kick, go for this drink. It’s made of gin, sugar, lemon, and basil – basically a formula for a ‘girls just wanna have fun’ kind of night!

Three Little Pigs 10

Whiskey Sour, Php265

Foamy, sour, and bittersweet are three words for Three Little Pig’s take on the Whiskey Sour. If you want a bourbon-based drink, order this cocktail. It includes sugar, lemon, angostura bitters, and egg whites.

Three Little Pigs 8

Clover Club, Php265

Another bestseller, a must-try and my second personal favorite, Clover Club, is made of gin, raspberry syrup, lemon, dry vermouth, and egg whites.

Three Little Pigs 15

Onion Rings, Php200

Aside from these cocktails, they also serve bar chow like Dynamites (which we couldn’t stop munching on) and their crunchy and flavorful Onion Rings. They also serve chicken skin, chicken in a basket, salsa nachos, and kikiam – all perfect for when you visit the place with your barkada.

Three Little Pigs 6
Dynamites, Php210

Whether it’s for “me” time, some intimate time with your significant other, or a more relaxed barkada night any day of the week, go and hunt down the door that leads to Three Little Pigs!

Three Little Pigs 14

Three Little Pigs

12 E Capitol Drive, Pasig

Instagram: @threelittlepigsph