RM 16: A Hidden Bar That Makes Drinks Based on How You Feel

Sick of the same old cocktail bars you usually visit? Try something new and look for RM 16, a hidden bar in Kapitolyo that makes drinks according to how you feel! Even though it can be pinned on Google Maps, it has no sign along the East Capitol Street where it’s located and your car service will only drop you off at Tittos. But don’t fret, you got it right!

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 55

From there, you’ll see a big red vending machine on the side, which is actually a door accessing a speakeasy!

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 12

Spot this vending machine of a famous soda.

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 6

That vending machine is actually the access to RM 16!

The name RM 16 actually comes from the address of the bar, which has been open for two years now. ‘Classy’ is the first word that came to mind upon seeing the place. It’s one of those places where you can go for a relaxing evening with cocktails or a beer right after a sumptuous dinner or even for a spontaneous barkada hangout any day of the week. The lights are usually dimmed, but when the bulbs are all turned on, you’ll notice that the ceiling looks familiar. Can you guess what it resembles?

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 1

We had a little chitchat with two of their owners and they revealed that it is inspired by the Eiffel Tower. That’s why it looks like the bar is underneath this iconic tower. Cool!

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 19

This is RM 16’s menu, by the way. So cool!

The interiors aside, you’ll be wowed by how they can make a drink according to how you feel. We know it’s risky to try a cocktail for the first time, especially when you already have your favorites; but if you aren’t craving anything in particular because of your overwhelming feelings, go ahead and tell them those emotions and they’ll make a drink out of it! This surprise drink is called Mi Sorprende !

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 54

After I told them that I was feeling nervous, tired, and stressed all at the same time; they made me a drink served in a cold and upset-looking Tiki glass that tasted like pineapple – a bit sour with the right kick. It was deliciously comforting!

Aside from the surprise drink, they also have a wide array of classic cocktails, flavored beers like hazelnut beer, watermelon beer, and other liquor. Here are some of the drinks that we were able to try:

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 39

Hidden Paradise – Php270

Ladies and gentlemen, this is officially one of our favorite drinks ever! This is called Hidden Paradise, a must-try cocktail made of gin, lychee, aloe vera, juice, lime, and grapes. It tastes sweet and fruity, and is so addicting that you’ll ask for more glasses of it.

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 43

The Bartender’s Coffee – Php270

If you’re up for a shot of caffeine with a chocolate-y taste, try The Bartender’s Coffee. It’s a bittersweet cocktail made of whiskey, almonds, caramel, milk, and espresso.

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 50

Limonada Sour – Php250

This foamy drink is called Limonada Sour and it’s the one you should order if you’re looking for a fruity bittersweet treat. It’s made of Averna, absinthe, lemon, sugar, and egg whites.

Hungry? Pair off these cocktails with really good bar chow! Here are our favorites:

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 24

Torched Belly Salad – Php250

Beneath these green leaves, onions, chilis, and other spices are torched belly slices garnished with what the owners call their version of dinakdakan sauce, a famous Ilocano dish. We heard that not many people order this chow, but you’ll be surprised by how good it is. It might just become your next favorite pulutan!

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 22

Garlic Shrimp BBQ Pizzadilla – Php325

They’ve got quesadilla pizzas on the menu, too. We tried their Garlic Shrimp BBQ Pizzadilla – something we’d recommend for a barkada as it is nice to share these cheesy and smokey slices over good cocktails and friends!

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 33

Seafood Sisig – Php295

One dish we’d also come back for is their seafood sisig. RM 16’s sisig saucy blend seeps inside the seafood slices and it goes well with any cocktail or beer.

RM 16 Tittos Kapitolyo 29

Salted Egg Chicken Popcorn – Php240

This addicting salted egg chicken popcorn with fried potato slices on top were gone before we knew it! It has the right saltiness and flavor that everyone will enjoy.

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And oh, by the way, if you’d like to get something from Tittos, you can cross-order from RM 16. Whatever you’re feeling – be it anger, sadness, or happiness – drop by RM 16 and comfort yourself with a surprise drink specially made for your feelings. You know where to find the big red vending machine now!

RM 16

16 East Capitol Street, Pasig

Instagram: @the_rm16