Thor: The Dark World Premiere at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza

Thor: The Dark WorldThor: The Dark World Premiere at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza

When in Manila, you should be well aware that there’s a movie out about a certain god of thunder. Yes, true believers, the latest installment to the Thor movie franchise is out with Thor: The Dark World! As a fan of the Marvel Universe, or in this case the ‘Marvel Movieverse’, there was no doubt that this was one movie I wouldn’t dare miss. I was lucky enough to see the movie on its premiere night at the Shangri-La Plaza Cineplex.



Thor-The-Dark-World-When-In-Manila-02Media People at the Registration Table  for the Thor: The Dark World Screening



The hosts for our short program before the screening of Thor: The Dark World


The blocked screening of Thor: The Dark World had a short program wherein the hosts greeted us and told us about certain giveaways by their sponsors underneath selected seats in the cinema. After the short yet fun segment, we were off to watch the movie. (Spoiler alert note: If you do not want the movie to be spoiled, even mildly, I suggest you look away from this article right now.) 

A couple of years after the events of The Avengers and the first Thor movie, Thor: The Dark World continues the adventure of the mighty Thor. In this film, a new threat to the entire universe appears in the form of Malekith the Accursed and the dark elves. Malekith wants revenge after being vanquished by Thor’s forefathers and will do whatever it takes to send the universe back to where it belongs, in the dark. While the threat of Malekith is looming, Thor is busy trying to bring peace to the 9 realms, clashing with his father Odin about his future in Asgard, and trying to reunite with his love, Jane Foster. With all of these things going on, you are certain that Thor and the people of Asgard (and later, on Earth) will have their hands full when Malekith knocks on their front door and this makes Thor: The Dark World a very interesting and exciting film.

Thor-The-Dark-World-When-In-Manila-08Thor: The Dark World – The Two Brothers Unite


Thor: The Dark World, in my view, is a step up from its predecessor Thor. The battle scenes were so dramatic and expertly done, especially the battle of Vanaheim and the final clash between Thor and Malekith. Thor: The Dark World also continues the relationship between Thor and his ‘brother’ Loki and adds a nice angle to this after both characters incur a loss midway through the movie. The chemistry of Hemsworth and Hiddleston are impeccable in this film. Their banter and interaction were truly entertaining and impactful, especially in the later parts of Thor: The Dark World. This movie really caters to all of you Thor and Loki (especially Loki) fans out there from the gratuitous Thor topless scene to Loki’s playful banter to the other characters of the film. In essence, the performances of both Hemsworth and Hiddleston were the cornerstones of the film, but that’s not taking the credit away from the rest of the cast.


Thor-The-Dark-World-When-In-Manila-09Malekith – THE Villain in Thor: The Dark World


Eccleston (Malekith) is the perfect actor to give off that air of vengeance that his character needed. His performance as Malekith pretty much has solidified the character’s spot in the bad guys of Marvel gallery. The support characters such as Odin (Hopkins), Frigga (Russo), Sif (Alexander) and Jane (Portman) also add a very good dimension with their masterful portrayal of their characters. I’d like to add that the performances of Darcy (Dennings) and her ‘intern’ were humorous and entertaining scene stealers in Thor: The Dark World. Marvel fans, true believers, you’ll also have a treat as there WILL be a Stan Lee cameo here as well as a ‘cameo’ from one of the Avengers. Also, let me leave you with a tip: stay for the mid-credit and post-credit scenes.

Thor-The-Dark-World-When-In-Manila-01Some of the giveaways from the premier screening of Thor: The Dark World


Overall, Thor: The Dark World is one of the movies you have to see this year. As a fan of Marvel, I enjoyed my viewing of this movie. But you don’t have to be a fan of Thor, Marvel or be a comic book geek to enjoy this, for this is a very entertaining and action packed movie for all to see. 


Thor: The Dark World – Now Showing @ Cinemas


When in Manila and you want to watch one of the hottest movies of 2013, then you should watch Thor: The Dark World! I’m pretty sure you’ll have a blast. We’d like to thank the people from ‘The Great Events Plus Inc.’ for inviting us to the premiere showing of Thor: The Dark World.

Photos by: Dino Vicencio


Thor: The Dark World Premiere at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza


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