This Vegan claims eating eggs are worse for your health than smoking

A “vegan for life” Plant-Based Barb, or username @plantloverbarb on Twitter, claims in a tweet that egg yolks’ cholesterol is more damaging for the health than smoking cigarettes.

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She tweeted: “One egg = five cigarettes!? Egg yolks are loaded with cholesterol. A medium-sized egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol, which is 62 percent of the recommended intake. Eating eggs is worse for your health than smoking!”

Some replies to the original tweet challenged her calculations and her tweet:


While others gave their insight regarding her claims:

According to a senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, Victoria Taylor, she shared: “Current research shows that for most healthy people, cholesterol in food, such as eggs, has a much smaller effect on blood levels of total cholesterol and harmful LDL cholesterol, especially when compared with the much greater and more harmful effects of saturated fatty acids found in foods such as butter and fatty meat. Eggs are, in fact, low in saturated fat.

“Recent research has also shown that moderate egg consumption – up to one a day – does not increase heart disease risk in healthy individuals and can be part of a healthy diet,” she added.

Even if eggs were incredibly bad for your health, it’s still quite a long stretch to be as damaging as smoking.

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