This Sustainable Clothing Brand Makes Beautiful, Filipino-Inspired T-Shirts for a Cause


With a slogan like “Inspired by tradition, created for the future,” you know you’re in for a treat. Dalisay Clothing is a clothing brand that’s inspired by the beauty of the Philippines, its language and art, and its culture and tradition. With beautiful designs and sustainable methods, this creation of textiles and clothes is really a sight to behold.

Dalisay Clothing is made from recycled materials, making them sustainable and organic. Using upcycled fabric, they make beautiful clothing and t-shirts that sport the beauty of the Philippines.

Another slogan they have is “Fair. Organic. Cultural. Sustainable.” Fair because of how they take on working conditions and understand that many workers and employees, especially in the clothing industry, are exploited and treated unfairly. They take it upon themselves to compensate their workers fairly and give them flexible hours to work in order to help them stay afloat–especially during the pandemic. Organic because of how they upcycle fabric for their endeavor and do not use non-organic cotton, which has pesticides that contributes to the degradation of natural water habitats and organic food. Cultural because, as you can see, it highlights Filipino culture, art, and design with every piece of clothing. Sustainable because they insist on using biodegradable materials and nurturing the fertile soil we have left, upcycling fabric in order to not contribute to fabric waste.

Their social media is full of information about the environmental impacts that clothing can often have and why it’s ideal to shop for sustainable clothing instead. They even have a great post about the environmental impact of a t-shirt, an item of clothing we don’t often even give much thought to. Not only are they dedicated to showcasing the art and beauty of the Philippines, but they also want to inspire everyone to help sustain the world we live in.

As for the designs, they’re absolutely beautiful even in their simplicity, depicting our mountains to the light that we bathe in on our day to day.

The Liwanag t-shirt is probably my favorite with a close second being the Kintab t-shirt. They have quite the selection that you can choose from, ranging from men’s to women’s and even children’s wear.

The charity that they drive funding to is called Children of the Dump, a charity that helps out children who are living in or around Manila dumpsites. Part of their profits go to this charity and they hope to be able to help out even more in the future. Not only are they helping the environment, but even those who suffer from environmental degradation the most.

Check out their website for more details as well as their Instagram. They’re such lovely, warm people with a true love for Filipino culture, giving back, and helping Mother Earth heal.

What’re you waiting for? Check out their designs and tell us which one you’re grabbing! <3