This student shows us the importance of reading instructions first! Get those bonus points!

We’ve all fallen victim to not reading the instructions maybe once or twice. Whether you accidentally wrote “true” or “false” instead of just “T” and “F” or you encircled rather than boxed the answer, instructions have gotten the better of us at least once. Which is why teachers always always tell us to read first before answering.

Teachers are getting more and more clever with getting students to read everything before beginning their tests.

Be it bonus points or just to make sure students are paying attention, they’ve got tricks up their sleeve.

This particular teacher, however, wasn’t going to stop at “please underline your favored essay question.” He wanted to make sure that someone scoured the entire test paper first.

And he had an incentive prepared! This student teaches us it pays to read everything first!

Kudos to this student for being not just quick but also brave! You deserve those bonus points!

Would you have done this for bonus points?

Let us know!