This Russian Performer Will Be The First Fully Caucasian K-Pop Solo Artist

Eugenia Svetlana, who is better known as just ‘Lana’, recently debuted as a soloist under HICC Entertainment. She had previously been under their management as a trainee for the past 2 years.

Her debut as a solo artist was announced late last 2018.

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Lana reportedly began building her fame by having Korean features despited being a full-blooded Russian. She started out with appearances on different Korean variety shows like MBC’s Welcome, First Time in Korea?, JTBC’s Abnormal Summit, and tvN’s Problematic Men. Now, Lana has her very own single, Take The Wheel, and accompanying music video.

According to The Korea TimesLana first fell in love with Korea while on holiday. She explained: “I decided to come to Korea after traveling the country with my mother.

Korea was so much different from Russia ― it was a culture shock.”

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It was their open and welcoming culture which truly appealed to her. But it was actually kdrama (Korean drama) that caught her attention in the first place: “I fell in love with Korea after being enthralled by KBS2 TV series Boys Over Flowers.

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With all these reasons to love Korea, she took a chance and made the big move. Upon arriving, she was able to first get some jobs part-time modeling where agencies then advised her to become a trainee. Her beauty and fluency in Korean are what led to fans nicknaming her a ‘goddess’.

What do you think about the K-Pop Industry becoming more diverse?