This Rooftop Restaurant In Malate Has Affordable And Mouthwatering Steaks To Enjoy With The View

When choosing to eat out, it has become a must to consider the ambiance and environment of a certain restaurant. Sometimes, it’s just not enough to know that the food is good. Especially for the nights when you just want to unwind, chill, and step back from all the stress of the world, a great restaurant would have a relaxing vibe along with amazing food.

We’ve discovered a newly opened restaurant in Malate that’s got exactly that. Just opened this October, Jazz Up in The Sky is a garden-type steakhouse that rests on the roof deck of a hotel!

jazz up in the sky 12

Chill ambiance? Check! A great view? Check! Amazing food! A big fat check for that as well!

What makes this steakhouse a cut above the rest (aside from it being literally on top of many steakhouses because of its location), is that it offers affordable steaks that are just as delicious and delectable as those that cost a fortune.

jazz up in the sky 11Honey Bourbon Baby Back Ribs // PHP 285

They have their own original recipes for their steaks, so you can be sure that your taste buds will be in for an adventure. One of their bestsellers is actually the Baby Back Ribs which are super tender, it practically melts in your mouth. Plus, it’s bursting with flavor that’s just right for the Filipino taste–not too salty and definitely not too sweet; everything’s just right.

jazz up in the sky 5T-Bone // PHP 270

The T-Bone steak is also one of their bestsellers. It’s tender and infused with just the right amount of flavor. It’s then topped with their original mushroom sauce that balances out the flavors.

jazz up in the sky 6Roast Beef // PHP 200

They also have roast beef steak, Salisbury steak, and even different kinds of seafood steaks such as their original Bangus Steak and Salmon Steak, to name a few.

jazz up in the sky 10Grilled Chicken // PHP 200

Their grilled meats are also must-tries, especially the grilled chicken. Try it out, and its delectable flavors might just have you deciding on your go-to place for grilled chicken.

jazz up in the sky 2

If you’re with your barkada and you want to try a little bit of everything, you can also choose from their platters which are a combination of at least three kinds of meats plus rice. You can choose from their Steak and Ribs platter, their All Barbecue platter, the Surf ‘N Turf platter, and their Seafood platter.

jazz up in the sky 8Seafood Pasta // PHP 245

They also offer pizza, sandwiches, salads, and pasta. Their Seafood pasta is a must-try. It’s just the right combination of sweet and sour that’s not too overwhelming, making you want more and more.

jazz up in the sky 9

The owner of Jazz Up in the Sky, Raymond Cortez, was formerly a barista in a famous coffee shop chain until he resigned to start his own business. His dream was to open up his own coffee shop, so he decided to add Sky Brew Cafe right inside the steakhouse.

He realized that it was pretty rare to have a coffee shop plus steakhouse combination, and he saw this as an opportunity to start a possible future trend.

All of the drinks that they offer in the cafe are his own creation. They are all products of countless sleepless nights as they strived to come up with the perfect blends for their beverages.

jazz up in the sky 7

Some of their must-try drinks include the Dark Chocolate Cookie, their Green Tea Frappe, and the Strawberry Frappe.

jazz up in the sky

They also have original cakes that are the perfect way to finish off a satisfying dining experience. Be sure to try their red velvet cake which is hands down the best red velvet cake I’ve tasted.

jazz up in the sky 131

Of course, all of this delicious food is made even more enjoyable with the view of the skyline. You can choose to have a seat outside where you can watch the twinkling lights of the city as you enjoy your dinner.

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Jazz Up in the Sky takes pride in the comfortable experience that they offer plus their exceptional dishes at such an affordable price. See, it shouldn’t cost a fortune to enjoy a good meal in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Whether it’s for a romantic date night, a family dinner, or just a me-time meal, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth at Jazz Up in the Sky.

jazz up in the sky 3

Jazz Up in the Sky

Roofdeck, Heroes Hotel,
Florentino Torres Cor. Lemery Street, Malate, Manila
Open daily from 11am-11pm