Heroes Hotel: The Newest Superhero-Themed Hotel In Manila

With traveling always present in Bucket Lists, it’s a natural need to look for comfortable places to sleep in every destination. It’s really such a blessing that many tourists and backpackers choose the Philippines as one of their travel destinations. So, it’s only natural for us to keep up in offering great places to stay as travelers go around to marvel at the country.

Here’s the newest hotel that’s perfect for travelers, and even for homebodies who just want a place to go to for an unforgettable staycation. Heroes Hotel offers comfort and an experience beyond.

Heroes Hotel

Just opened this August 2017, Heroes Hotel is the newest superhero-themed hotel in Metro Manila, and it’s a theme that encompasses all aspects of the hotel. Once you walk into the lobby, you’re met with all types of superhero memorabilia from different films and comics.

Heroes Hotel

There’s a life-sized statue of Iron Man standing just beside reception. Hanging on the walls are the shields of Captain America, Wonder Woman, and even Lapu-Lapu! There’s even the iconic telephone booth from the Superman movies where Clark Kent “transforms” into the superhero.


The walls are covered with comic panels, and even the elevator literally goes from Clark Kent to Superman. The trash bin is R2-D2! Any superhero fan would truly geek out with even just the lobby.

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But it’s not just the interior decor that makes it a superhero-themed hotel. Even its mission is heroic as well. Heroes Hotel believes that there’s a hero in all of us, and it makes every guest feel like a hero.

Heroes Hotel

Their tagline? “Always a hero’s welcome for you.”

Heroes Hotel celebrates more than the fictional superhuman heroes but even the heroes that we have among us. Each room features a certain real-life hero, from Lea Salonga to Lance Armstrong. These are people that may be considered personal heroes by others.

heroes hotel superior roomPhoto courtesy of Heroes Hotel

They have a deluxe room which has a queen-sized bed, and a supreme room with twin beds–both of which you can book for only PHP2,200!

heroes hotel backpackersPhoto courtesy of Heroes Hotel

They also have a backpackers’ room that’s beyond the usual backpacker-rooms you hear of. This room can accommodate 4 guests, for only PHP600 per head! Each bed is super comforting; perfect to end a day of many traveling adventures.

The great thing about Heroes Hotel is that it doesn’t just offer a place to stay and sleep. It partners with many different businesses and amenities that don’t just offer a great experience, but also a heroic mission.


Their Honesty Cafe is inspired by the world-famous Honesty Cafe in Batanes where all you have to do is take what you want and pay at the designated counter. Their honesty system truly brings out the hero in every customer.

Heroes Hotel has partnered with the Bar With No Name, which is iconic for being the “meeting place” of villains. So why are villains present at the Heroes Hotel? It’s because they believe that even villains and heroes can drink together in peace in the Bar With No Name.

heroes hotel jazz up in the skyPhoto courtesy of Heroes Hotel

And how can a hero survive a day of fighting baddies without delicious and strengthening food? Jazz Up In The Sky is their restaurant partner which serves super affordable steaks which start at only PHP 300! It is set to open within the next few months.

heroes hotel shui express hilotPhoto courtesy of Heroes Hotel

Heroes Hotel also offers a little something for heroes after a long day of adventure. The Shui Express Hilot promotes the traditional Filipino way of massage, hilot. It’s a great experience that will get you all relaxed and ready for the next adventure.

heroes hotel adventure toursPhoto courtesy of Heroes Hotel

Speaking of adventures, this hotel also offers the Heroes Adventure Tours which gives every traveler an opportunity to explore many parts of the Philippines without the hassle of coordinating and planning. Guests can choose between a city tour of old Manila, a tour of Fortune Island in Batangas, Mt. Maculot, Mt. Taal, Mt. Pinatubo, or a tour in La Mesa Eco Park.

If you’re planning to go on an adventure, the Heroes Adventure Tours will be the best deal and the most comfortable one you can experience.

Heroes Hotel is more than just a hotel or a place to sleep in. It’s a place “where servants of great minds come together,” they say. In Heroes Hotel, you come in as a traveler and walk out a hero.

Heroes Hotel

Florentino Torres St.
Osmena Highway,
Manila, Philippines


(+632) 251-9239


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