This Meme-worthy Photoshoot of The Jonas Brothers is Everything

The Jonas Brothers were recently featured on Papermag, where they extensively talked about the history of their collective career and where they are now. It’s an interesting study in nostalgia but the most arresting element would have to be the eclectic photos it used.  

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I’m not really sure what to title this theme, but it seems like they went for an old-school meme look:

Photo from Papermag

The faces they’re making with their reflections behind them are actually perfect: 

Photo from Papermag

I have to admit, I’m loving the color scheme in this series of photos: 

Photo from Papermag

Photo from Papermag

These ferrets have me all kinds of confused but I love how they own the weirdness of it all: 

(Priyanka Chopra was the ultimate ‘stage wife’ at her first ever Jonas Brothers concert)

The most nostalgic element has to be the Jonas Brothers themselves — no matter how much older or how much more successful they’ve become, they remain the same lighthearted guys. They’re not embarrassed to go back to their roots and even make fun of themselves from time to time. We can only help it ends better than last time!

How do you feel about the Jonas Brothers’ comeback? 


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