Priyanka Chopra was the ultimate ‘stage wife’ at her first ever Jonas Brothers concert

Those “stupid, cute Jonas Brothers” (as Hannah Montana once called them) are officially back at it. While the release of their new single, Sucker, obviously marked the beginning of their reunion nothing quite says ‘comeback’ like a full show. Last March 30, the Jonas Brothers put up a pop-up concert in Atlanta and tickets were exclusively on a giveaway basis from various radio stations.

If you’re a little disappointed you weren’t able to catch the Jonas Brothers’ first show back, never fear. Nick Jonas’ amazing partner, Priyanka Chopra, took her ‘stage wife’ role to the next level.

She was busy documenting everything that happened on her Instagram story, from pre-show to post-show. And everything has been saved for eternal viewing!

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First, we have a video of Nick and Priyanka sometime before the show. They’re adorably cuddling together while she tells her followers how it’s the first time she gets to watch a Jonas Brothers concert. She also mentions how excited she is, and how proud she is of them (aww!). Then… she manages to catch Joe on camera in the middle of putting on his pants.

Of course, during the show itself, those ‘stage wife’ duties became cheering on her husband and gamely dancing along to all their numbers. Some fans caught the moment when Nick decided to sign the message “I love you” to his wife. It seems he couldn’t resist her smiling so widely and excitedly for them all.

That’s not all she was doing during the show! It seems she went around and very willingly collected messages and gifts to pass on to the band after the show. She didn’t even flinch when a fan handed her a bra! Instead, she enthusiastically waved it about. No wonder fans are calling her the ‘coolest wife’.

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Then, lastly, there was the post-show photo opportunity she took with all of the Jonas Brothers and their family. She was there with the trio’s parents, Denise and Paul Kevin Jonas, and their younger brother, Frankie Jonas. She captioned their photos together: “My first ever Jonas Brothers show. And it was incredible!!! I’m so proud of these guys!!”

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This show of endearment in their relationship comes on the heels of divorce rumors floating about the two. If these photos and videos are anything to base off of, then those rumors are nothing to worry about. The two seem as happy as ever — if not happier, once the stress of those numerous weddings has finally left them.

What do you think: trouble in paradise or still feeling the honeymoon period?