Who really is the best Jonas brother?

Now that we’ve all finally stopped freaking out over the fact that the Jonas brothers are back together we can talk about the important things. Mainly, which Jonas brother really is the best one?

(The Jonas Brothers Are Reuniting and We Can’t Even!)

It’s a hot topic that’s been making its rounds on social media and seeing people fighting about it honestly makes me feel like I’m back in 6th grade. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. We’re back to heated discussions of Joe versus Nick versus Kevin (but let’s be honest, is there really anyone rooting for Kevin…) And not to mention, forgetting poor Frankie.

Aside from it being a natural debate, I think the matter of the best Jonas brother really resurfaced due to Nick Jonas’ apparent position as frontman. People were obsessing over Sucker’s art cover which places Nick in the definitive spotlight. WMagazine even called the blocking and stance “Beyonce-like” with Nick in front-and-center and the only member directly staring at the camera.

Understandably, long-time Jonas brother fans were…confused. Joe Jonas had always been the natural leader — he got the starring role in Camp Rock, he sang lead on most (if not all) their songs, he was marketed as the alpha for so long that people were surprised Kevin was actually the eldest brother.

A Facebook user even posted a “fixed” version of the single’s art cover:

But hey, times have changed. Just because that’s the way things were then, doesn’t mean they always have to be. With the shifting dynamics and new elements in play, I think now is the perfect time to go back and ask this question.

So, who do you think is the best Jonas Brother?


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