This K-Pop star had to run away from his “stalkers”

Former Wanna One member Park Woo Jin was caught on cam trying to run away from his “stalker fans,” also known as sasaengs.

According to Korean entertainment site Allkpop, the Korean star just finished shooting for the variety show ‘Laws of the Jungle’ in Thailand and was in the airport for his flight back in Korea when he saw the “sasaengs.” Woo Jin then tried to run to a more secured area.

They also posted the comments made on the Korean message board Instiz. Some wrote, “My heart is really broken.

Please quit following him like this. I don’t know the reason why people can be like this. I’m so upset,” “I saw this and my heart hurt so much that even now it’s hard to sleep,” and “Why are sasaengs like this? But, wow, Woo Jin can run really fast!”

Watch the video below: