So This is the Story Behind that Viral Photo of a Baby Human-Like Pig

Various photos of a baby human-like pig have been circulating online with some people being totally freaked out by it, others joking that it is the aftermath of Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 1, and others knowing that it is (of course… and thankfully!) a hoax.

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Creepy Hybrid Pig 2

According to various posts online, a mother pig in Kenya allegedly gave birth to this strange human-like piglet, but the truth is the creepy creature is actually a silicon sculpture by Italian artist Laira Maganuco.

Creepy Hybrid Pig 1

Creepy Hybrid Pig 4

The artist’s unique pieces are all born from her imagination and are completely hand carved in a super soft silicone paste, which gives it that lifelike illusion. Aside from this creepy creature, Laira has also made some pop culture creations of Slimer from ‘Ghostbusters’ and Dobby from the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

Creepy Hybrid Pig 3

Still creeped out? You can rest easy by checking out the artist’s Etsy store here.The baby human-like pig was sold last week at 500 Euros (around Php31,000).