This Hotel in the Philippines Offers *Paid* Leaves to Heartbroken Employees

One of the things that make breakups really, really hard is having to rally to work. You’ll need to put up a front and pretend like nothing happened when deep down inside, you just want to lay down in bed and cry even just for a day. Fortunately in this hotel in Cebu, they give you time to do so.

Cebu Century Plaza Hotel thought of a unique benefit that would probably make every hardworking Filipino wish, sana all: five-paid leaves to their broken-hearted employees! “Dili lalim ang mabiyaan! At least maka-tabang sa pag-move on (It’s not easy to be left behind. At least we can help you move on),” they announced on Facebook.

As long as they’re dealing with a different ex-lover, their regular employees are said to be entitled to five paid breakup leaves per year.

Philstar Life reports that a beauty package with facial treatment and body scrub is also included in the Cebu hotel’s heartbreak leave. This gives them ample time to deal with their emotional pain, and the encouragement to pull themselves back up in order to present their best selves at work.

Apparently, the offer is also applicable even to Cebu Century Plaza Hotel’s probationary employees.

“That’s how we value our dear employees,” the hotel said.

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