This Hidden Bar Lets You Experience the Korean Night Life Right in Makati!

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue
Photos by Ian Esteves

Ever wondered what it was like to party in Korea? Well, you don’t have to look any further anymore because this hidden bar in Makati is set to give you the ultimate Seoul party experience. No need to catch a flight!

Their special drink, The ODD is meant to be drank by color

According to the owner, The ODD Seoul aims to reflect the Gangnam nightlife experience. And when I say hidden bar, I really do mean hidden bar since it’s hidden behind a painting in Gaja Korean Kitchen. There is also this cool Soju bottle you push down so you could enter.

Spot this painting at Gaja Korean Kitchen to find The ODD Seoul

The vibe inside the bar honestly feels like you’ve been transported to one of the late-night clubs in Korea! When you enter you’re greeted by neon lights and a giant lit-up Korean subway map.

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If you’re still not persuaded by the interiors of this place, wait until you try their drinks. Being a Korean bar, they, of course, specialize in their Soju drinks, particularly their Soju cocktails. I got to try three different cocktails and I am going to be the first one to tell you that these are absolutely delicious.

Yogurt Lady, their twist on the popular Soju Yakult drink (P250)

First off, they have the popular Soju Yakult drink–with a twist. To make this crowd favorite drink even better, they add in a stick of Melona ice cream in it. Yum!

Kimchi Sour (P280)

The next drink I got to try was the Kimchi Sour, their take on the classic whiskey sour. This drink also has some flower petals in it so it makes the drink smell extra nice!

Smoking Tiger (P250)

Lastly, we had the Smoking Tiger. It’s a Seoul-ified version of the margarita, and the smoke from this drink balances out the flavors. I was so curious about this since it was served to us inside a glass encasing. The drink lives up to its name as you can see from the photos!

If you’re looking for something to pair with your drink, The ODD Seoul also serves some food. We had some Spam Fries and KFR (Korean Fried Rice) Balls which goes perfectly with your Soju cocktail.

So what are you waiting for? Head on to The ODD Seoul for your next night out to experience Seoul right here in the Metro!

The ODD Seoul
2F 8445 Kalayaan Ave., Poblacion, Makati

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