LOOK: This Korean restaurant offers more than just samgyupsal!

The Korean grill craze is far from over–I think that’s pretty safe to say. To be honest, I don’t think it’s even a craze at all. It has been years, and Korean grill restaurants are here to stay.

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With all these Korean restaurants, it’s pretty difficult to choose which one to try. Should you go for the ones with unlimited meats, or the one with more than just that?

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Oh My Korean Grill & Chimaek in Quezon City is definitely one to try. Established in early 2018, this Korean grill was started by four partners–namely Joanne Detorio, Camille Joy Pila, Gerly Andaya, and Camille Cartel–who previously worked together in a casino under Korean management. With the help of their previous boss, they were able to start a restaurant that Korean lovers will surely love.

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Of course, what’s a Korean grill restaurant nowadays without the unlimited meats promo? Oh My Korean Grill offers unli pork at PHP399 while their unli pork and beef promo is at PHP499.

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They have 5 types of pork and 6 types of beef. What I love about the meats they offer is that they have flavors that come from original recipes. For example, their Herb Woo Sam is an original herb mixture and it tastes so good!

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Their Budae Jjigae (or Army Stew) is definitely a must-try, especially if you’re with friends. It doesn’t even matter if the rainy weather calls for hot soup or if it’s sweltering outside. The tasty soup and the many many ingredients in that stew are enough for a food adventure.

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They also offer different flavors of Korean chicken, and it’s quite the food experience as well. Their Korean chicken does not shy away from the flavors at all. You’ll be licking your fingers after enjoying each piece.

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If you’re into unlimited stuff but not just grilled meats, they also have unlimited ramen for PHP200! Aside from that, Oh My Korean Grill also offers filling rice meals and many of your favorite Korean sides.

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This Korean grill restaurant is more than just the grilled meats. It’s pretty much an accessible one-stop shop for Korean cuisine. If you’re looking for a Korean food experience, Oh My Korean Grill & Chimaek is the place to go.

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Oh My Korean Grill & Chimaek

139 Mother Ignacia Ave QC. (Infront of ABS CBN ELJ BLDG)

Facebook: Oh My Samgyup