This Food Stall is Redefining Cheese Burgers and It’s OUT OF THIS WORLD

Written by Jan Mary Pauline Dampitan
Photos by Athena Montes
Graphics by Gian Ferrer

Planet Burger-15

I don’t like burgers (yes, don’t come for me). However, this space-themed food stall changed that when they redefined cheese burgers. Planet Burger and Grill is changing up the cheese burger game and it’s definitely something to take note of! After all, how could you say no to cheese dripping goodness both inside and OUTSIDE of your burger? It’s cheesy goodness overload!

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The Place

Planet Burger and Grill just opened up a stall at Space Food Park in Pasay City near the Taft area. They open at 5:00 pm and serve great burgers together with other great foods (such as rice meals) and drinks until 1:00 am. And not only are the food space-themed, but so is the place!

The Food

You can choose from a variety of four burgers, all made with pure one hundred percent beef patties. The patties also have a mild spiciness to them and are cooked till they’re just right, juicy and medium rare. Plus, take this, they cook them grilled and not fried!

Planet Burger-1

The four burgers all come in different brightly colored buns with names coming from the colors they have. There’s the green one called Save the Earth, the red one called Mars Attack, the blue one called Neptune Strike, and last but not the least, the must-try Mercury Blast that comes with not just beef patties but bacon, too! How can you say no to that?

Save-the-EarthSave the Earth

Mars-AttackMars Attack

Neptune-StrikeNeptune Strike

Mercury-BlastMercury Blast

All that cheesy goodness!

Calling all cheese lovers out there! Make sure to ask for the Lava Cheese to start off your out-of-this-world experience. Lava Cheese together with your planet burger will not only take you to food heaven, but to cheese heaven too! You can pour the cheese over your burger and enjoy it, or use it as a dip after you slice your burger with your fork and knife. Either way, it would be totally worth it.

Planet Burger-14Lava Cheese being poured on Neptune Strike and Mercury Blast

Good for the tummy and the wallet

Don’t worry about the price as Planet Burger and Grill’s offerings are also affordable and budget-friendly! You’ll come out full but your wallet won’t come out hungry! Just bring about P100-P250, and you’re already good to go.

So go and take your family, your friend, your classmates, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe just you and your hungry tummy to Planet Burger and Grill. It will surely be so good—out of this world good!

The menu:


Save The Earth – 99 php
Mars Attack – 145 php
Neptune Strike – 179 php

Rice Meals

Grilled Chicken – 85 php
Grilled Liempo – 85 php
BBQ on Stick – 85 php
Big Bang – 250 php
Burger Steak – 85 php
Hungarian Sausage – 85 php

Add Ons:

Lava Cheese – 50 php
Rice – 20 php
Bacon – 15 php
Bottled Water – 20 php

Planet Burger and Grill

210 Menlo corner Leveriza Street, Pasay City
Facebook: Planet burger & Grill
Instagram: @planetburgerandgrill
Operating hours: 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM daily


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