13 Meals I’d Sell My Soul for at Container Turf—South’s Newest Food Park!

Written by Shannon Lauson

Container Turf Exterior

Food parks can generally be overwhelming, especially one with such loud and eccentric décor. Even one-track minds will find themselves having a hard time committing to just one dish. Each stall usually houses innovative twists to traditional favorites.

There’s a new food park in the south called Container Turf, and to help you, I’ve taken the liberty of narrowing down the food options with my very own “must-try menu”. These meals pack a heavy punch, so be sure to wear non-restrictive clothing (i.e. loose shirts to hide your growing bellies). There will be no distinction between mains and desserts in this list, so let’s just say all foods will be treated equally (and with discretion).

In no particular order, here are 13 dishes you can’t miss out on at Container Turf!

13. Fromagerie’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Container Turf Food Park in The South - Fromagerie Grilled Cheese
Alongside the more famous raclette cheese wheel, this may seem like an oversight, but Fromagerie’s version of the grilled cheese sandwich has it slightly beat. “Grilled cheese” is usually self-explanatory and we’ve tasted quite a few to know what to expect. But prepare to rediscover the famous American snack and fall in love with Fromagerie’s own brand of the grilled cheese sandwich.

12. Tokyo Tempura’s Unli Tempura

Container Turf Food Park In The South 16 - Tokyo Tempura
Craving a good Japanese tempura? Tokyo Tempura serves it UNLIMITED for only 199 pesos. Gorge yourself on the unli-tempura, or try the five different flavors of their Crazy Tempura Series. I cannot oversell this enough: Unlimited. Tempura. Need I say more?

11. Ayan’s Dark Chocolate Pizza

Container Turf Food Park In The South 26 - Ayan's Chocolate Pizza
Don’t judge a dish without having a bite! This grotesque-looking pizza is actually layered with several types and consistencies of melted chocolate. And as if that’s not enough to convince you, it’s topped with big chunks of dark chocolate. One slice should probably tide you over, so bring friends to share it with.

10. Pothead Pig’s Sisig

Container Turf Food Park In The South 63 - Pothead Pig Sisig
This is definitely a hidden gem. Pothead Pig serves the ultimate “pulutan”, and a taste of this will have you crawling back to Container Turf just to get another sisig fix.

9. Above Sea Level’s Butterfly Squid

Container Turf Food Park In The South 39 - Above Sea Level Butterfly Squid
How does squid become this? I didn’t ask because my mouth was too full of the tender squid that you can pull apart with your bare hands. For seafood lovers, this is a definite must-try.

8. Chillout Cooks’ Fried Pizza

Container Turf Food Park In The South 13 - Chillout Cooks Fried Pizza
This comes with a caution label: not for the faint-hearted or the weight watchers. It’s a pizza dipped in batter and deep fried—think you can handle it?

7. Cone Head’s Spicy Chocolate Sundae

Container Turf Food Park In The South 29 - Cone Head Spicy Chocolate Sundae
The draw to this dessert is partly for the chocolate-filled syringe stuck to an also chocolate-filled sundae, and partly to the innovative genius that is the spicy chocolate. I repeat: Spicy. Chocolate. Fear not, though. This won’t set anything on fire; just a little tingle in the aftertaste.

6. Grilled x Chilled Mac & Cheese Burger

Container Turf Food Park In The South 34 - Grilled x Chilled Mac & Cheese Burger
With the Grilled x Chilled Mac & Cheese Burger, there’s no need to decide between pasta or meat. You can have both in this wonderful hybrid meal combining the beloved mac and cheese with a thick slab of patty snug between melted cheese and hamburger buns.

5. Zig-Ah-Zig’s Smore Waffle

Container Turf Food Park In The South 38 - zig-ah-zig waffle
Putting ice cream on a waffle is relatively nothing new, but Zig-Ah-Zig goes the extra mile and throws in a layer of gooey melted marshmallows. This actually comes in several other flavors, but my personal favorite would be the Candy Waffle, a Waffle-Smore sandwich with bubblegum ice cream on top.

4. Melt’s Chocolate Dome-encased Brownies

Container Turf Food Park In The South 55 Melt Chocolate Dome
Drool over your screens no longer, as the famous chocolate dome comes to us through Melt. Experience the great satisfaction of watching that perfect chocolate casing melt under the hot chocolate sauce…to get to the delight underneath!

3. Surfries! Torched Cheese-covered Fries

Container Turf Food Park in The South - Surfries Bacon Fries
Fill up on a hefty helping of fries topped with bacon or jalapeno, drizzled in melted cheese, and torched right before your eyes. This appetizer will make you pass up on the main course.

2. Sausage Party’s Assorted Sausage Party Tray

Container Turf Food Park in The South - Sausage Party
It’s worth buying the whole fiesta tray if only to see a guy with a rainbow-colored wig bring it to your table. This party tray is filled with various types of sausages, in assorted sizes, and flavors. By the way, it also comes with a four-poster of banderitas and a balloon you have to pop (with a surprise inside) before digging in.

1. South Spice Hut’s Curry Wings

Container Turf South Spice Hut
This is another fairly simple-looking dish with an incredible kick. South Spice Hut’s dry rubbed Curry Chicken will take you on a flavor trip to South India.

Of course, after all that food, you’ll need something to wash all that down. I recommend:

The Booze-y Fishbowl from Swig & Guzzle bar

Container Turf Swig and Guzzle 3
Fair warning, don’t trust your taste buds. This delightfully deceiving drink is chock full of alcohol, so drink with caution, but don’t forget to have fun!

Have you been to Container Turf yet? What other dishes do you recommend? Tell us in the comments!

Container Turf

238 and 240 BF Aguirre Avenue, Parañaque
Instagram: @containerturf

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