This First Filipino-Owned Large-Scale Direct Selling Company is Opening in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with a rich culture and a promising future. In recent years, it has made significant progress in various fields, from technology to business. It has become a hub for entrepreneurship, attracting businesses from all over the world. One such company that has recently opened its first shop in Malaysia is Personal Collection (PC).

Founded in 2003, Personal Collection started in a small warehouse in Quezon City, Philippines, with only one product and eight dealers. However, it has now grown into one of the top direct-selling companies in the country, with over 450 branches and hundreds of thousands of dealers. Personal Collection has become a household name in the Philippines, loved by millions of consumers for its best-in-class products.

Now, Personal Collection has set its sights on expanding its reach beyond the Philippines. It has recently launched in Malaysia, becoming the first Filipino-owned large-scale direct-selling company to open its headquarters in the Malay peninsula. At the launch event, Malaysian entrepreneurs and direct sellers got a chance to experience Personal Collection’s bestsellers from the Philippines, including Tuff Toilet Bowl Cleanser (TBC) and sof & mmmmm Concentrated Fabric Conditioner. The launch also introduced L’Essence, Personal Collection’s own essential oils line, to the Malaysian market.


PC Launch Photo 1

Photo: Personal Collection (Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc. Founder and Chairman Emeritus Willie Evangelista (rightmost) and President & CEO Jerome C. Tuguin (leftmost) and other executives based in the Philippines)

Personal Collection’s expansion into Malaysia is part of its global expansion efforts, bringing its vision of the “Great Life” to other robust economies in the Asia-Pacific region. The company aims to provide livelihood opportunities not only to Filipino direct sellers but also to Malaysian entrepreneurs. Personal Collection Malaysia will follow the successful business model of its Philippine counterpart, selling best-in-class products through hardworking dealers so they too can experience the “Great Life.”

In addition to its commitment to providing a better life for its dealers, Personal Collection is also dedicated to positively impacting the environment. The company recently pioneered the shift from recyclable packaging to biodegradable packaging and formula that are gentle on the environment. Personal Collection also engages in various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, such as mangrove and tree planting and coastal cleanups.

Personal Collection’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. The company has received prestigious distinctions in the Philippines, including a Silver Anvil Award for Specialized PR Program: Advocacy Campaign at the 58th Anvil Awards and a Circle of Excellence Award for CSR Company of the Year at the 2022 Asia CEO Awards. Personal Collection Malaysia’s managing director, Loi der Liang, also received a Selangor Business Excellence Award at the 2023 Selangor International Economic Summit.

Personal Collection’s expansion into Malaysia marks a significant milestone for the company, and it is a testament to its commitment to bringing the “Great Life” to people all over the world. To learn more about Personal Collection Malaysia, visit https://www.personalcollection.com.my/. To know more about the company’s story, check out https://bit.ly/StoryofPersonalCollection.