Here’s How To Use GCash in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia

Just when you thought GCash couldn’t make your daily life even more convenient, you can now use your very own GCash account to pay for your travels!

GCash just launched its new partnership with Alipay+ which allows you to pay merchants via GCash in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. With this new cross-border payment option, it’s a lot easier to shop, dine, and go around abroad.

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You’ll also save a lot more when you use GCash because there are no fees, plus there are lots of discounts, vouchers, and great deals you can maximize while traveling.

In case you’re planning to travel to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia anytime soon, here’s how you can use GCash at more than 1 million merchants across Asia:

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1. First, look for the Alipay+ and GCash logo, which may be found at the cashier or on signs at the merchants’ doors. To be sure, you can also quickly ask the cashier if they accept Alipay+ (NOTE: as of this writing, international merchants may be more familiar with Alipay+ than GCash, so better to ask about Alipay instead!)

2. Once you’re ready to pay, open your GCash app and tap “QR”.

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3. Depending on how the merchant accepts e-payments, you can either scan their QR code (which is the method we’re more familiar with), or you can tap “Pay abroad with Alipay+” and have the merchant scan your QR code.

4. Double-check the details and amount due, then tap on “Pay”. You can see the amount in Philippine Pesos, making it easier to budget your travel funds.


5. Once you see the Payment receipt page, your transaction is done!

Obviously, it’s just as easy to use GCash abroad as it is here in the Philippines. There’s no need for special settings. As long as you’ve got your fully-verified GCash account, you’re ready to go.

It also makes traveling easier since there are no service fees, and there’s no need to carry around so much cash.

Try the new cross-border payments thru GCash on your next travel abroad!

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