This Filipina took her medical board exams while in labor…and passed!

Ambitious Filipinas can really be extreme when they need to be. They’re willing to do anything and everything to get what they want. This was fully evidenced in Eunice’s experience, when she soldiered through her medical board exams while going through labor.

Eunice shared her story through the perspective of her baby:

Hi! I’m 1 week old today. Exactly one week from the time I was born right after mommy’s Physician’s Licensure Examination.

Mommy’s lifelong dream is to become a licensed physician that’s why when she knew she had me…she pushed thru with her PGIship at AFGH while on review at CDB. She had threatened abortion and was advised for bedrest but since I’m a li’l fighter, I did survived.

Despite mommy’s busy sched, daddy was there the whole time to support both of us, cooked and do laundry for us, accompany us during PNCU’s and brought us food in the middle of the night during duties with just an ample sleep. I know right from the start, daddy would be a responsible father to me and would do everything for us.

A week prior to mommy’s big day, she had her PNCU and found out that she’s already 1-2 cm dilated, 60% effaced, station -3 by IE. Mommy was a li’l bit anxious and worried if she could still hold on to me for the next 2 weeks. But mommy’s so brave that she continued attending her review and been reading her materials at home while lying down.

First week came, I heard mommy’s having a hard time on the basic subjects, gladly mama (lola) was there to accompany her and offered prayers for mommy including papa (lolo) via phone patch. And then mommy had another PNCU and still with the same IE findings. She was very confident that she’ll get through the final week.

A day before mommy’s last 2 days of board exams, she had spotting (bright red blood) with feeling of menstrual cramps. Mommy contacted an OB she knew and was advised to take Isoxsuprine until the last day of exams. Sunday came, the exam went well but mommy’s spotting and hypogastric pain intensified that’s why she was advised to inject Terbutaline.

At 2 am, mommy’s with daddy’s sibs when she was sleeping and heard something popped…and that was mommy’s bag of water. Mommy decided not to tell anyone even daddy because she knew they would rush her immediately to the hospital. But mommy told daddy to wait for her outside the testing site and prep our things.

Monday morning came, mommy started to have labor pains when she had her 1st exam which is ObGyne: every contractions interval’s between 15-30 mins. Mommy finished the 1st exam for an hour. When she left the room, she tried resting and sleep while on break constantly checking on my movements and heart tones.

Pedia exam, mommy answered for just 45 minutes with difficulty on shading. While on break, mommy’s been constantly checking his watch ‘coz she felt like time’s slowing down. Her closest friends checked on her and convinced her to notify mommy’s proctor what she’s going thru but mommy said “No” and pushed thru with PrevMed exam.

Mommy’s having a hard timebto answer but of course fight or flight response she finished the last exam in about 20 mins with now regular contractions of every 3 minutes bearing down and whenever mommy’s proctors turned their eyes on her, mommy would still smile at them and told herself to act normal.

She submitted everything, finished the first on the entire building, walked downstairs to see daddy’s waiting outside. We tried getting a cab going to the hospital but mommy cannot hold it in anymore and was rushed to the hospital of the testing site. She was examined and findings was 10 cm fully dilated. Mommy’s already on the DR at 3:15 pm and I was born/out at 3:28 pm. I had 1 loose cord coil on my neck which is a blessing in disguise because that won’t let me push thru, not on the testing site while mommy’s still answering.

Maybe mommy’s destined to be assigned on that testing site and be born on the said hospital. 3 working days had passed and the results came out, mommy’s now a licensed physician! T’was a double celebration but I was readmitted due to Neonatal Sepsis ‘coz of mommy’s ruptured BOW for >12 hrs, I had jitters, turning a li’l bit yellow and been receiving doses of antibiotics and load of calcium.

Since, mommy’s a strong independent preggo…I’m mommy and daddy’s little fighter too. I’m much better now, thanks to daddy who took care of me while mommy can not move about. I am in forever debt to my pedia for constantly checking on me and waived his PF including all the staffs and nurses who assisted us.

Hats off to my doctor mom! I’m not a hindrance to my mommy’s success rather a blessing from up above. Mommy said I’m a risk worth taking. Now, I’m daddy and mommy’s sweet li’l bundle of joy .

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Her perseverance and determination is honestly astounding. To make it though the licensure examinations alone is already a feat, but do it under extreme stress and pain is another thing entirely! 

What did you think of her decision to take the test while in labor?


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