LOOK: Asian mom approaches strangers on a school campus and asks if they would date her son

A Chinese mother has reportedly been going around a university campus in Maryland to find her son a girlfriend. She is said to have approached female students to show them a photo of her son and ask them if they would like to date him. This honestly sounds like something an extreme tita would do.

It did, however, disturb a lot of the students. The police of the university, Towson, received several complaints regarding the woman. It was unclear how many students were actually approached, but there were reports made of her going to at least 2 different locations on campus and talking to multiple students in each.

Asian mom

Because of this, the university police issued an “incident advisory” asking for the woman to be identified. They were only looking for her to ask her to stop what she was doing. In an official statement by the Towson University Police they said:

The Towson University Police Department is investigating three related incidents occurring in the Cook Library and Center for the Arts buildings on February 6 and 7, 2019. Students have reported being approached by an older female who attempted to show them a picture on her cell phone and ask if [they] were interested in dating her son. The subject of interest is described as a female, appearing to be in her 50s, with glasses, wearing blue jeans and a striped long sleeve shirt with red trim along the bottom, a multi-colored scarf, brown shoes and carrying a dark colored coat.

This incident advisory is being provided in order to make the TU Community aware of an incident on campus that may cause concern. This advisory is intended to heighten awareness and inform the community of incidents that may impact their safety and security.

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People discussing the story online have mentioned that her actions might be more direct than the norm, but it was a very Asian thing to do. You have to admit, it sounds similar to those conversations you’ve probably had with a tita-type stranger telling you that you should meet her son. This was just a bit more aggressive. 

Was what she did really that bad? 

Source: Towson