This Cool and Stylish-Looking Mask is of N95 Standard and Yes, it’s Reusable

If you do a quick search on “best face masks” on YouTube, one brand you’ll see that is consistently in the picks for top face masks in the world is this—the Banale N95 Mask. I just kept on seeing this mask pop up on my feed everywhere. And as someone who has been a little paranoid throughout the past months because of the pandemic, I decided it was time for me to get a seriously powerful mask. So I ordered the Banale Mask online here.

Just a little side note, Urban Traveller & Co., where I ordered the mask, is a store I used to see all the time at Greenbelt 5, so I was excited to see when they announced they are now carrying the Banale Mask! Best way for Filipinos to get this popular mask from Europe.

Banale Mask N95 Urban Traveller Co

So why did I decide on the Banale N95 Mask? First of all, what I love about the Banale Mask is that they don’t just exist because of the current demand for face masks. This is not a product born because of the pandemic. No. The Banale N95 Mask was launched way back in 2017 in Italy by a group of people who wanted a protection from the worsening pollution outdoors. They wanted a safe and comfortable way to breathe, packaged in a mask that was also stylish, cool, and reusable.

But above all, the most important aspect of the mask  is that it passes the FFP2 European Standard, which is the equivalent of N95 standard by the USA. On Banale’s description, they claim that their mask guarantees comfort and full protection against pollen, bacteria, and the smallest of particulate matter (PM) in the air—as small as 2.5 micrometers, if you want the specifics. And how small is that? For reference, human hair is about 70 micrometers in diameter. So yes, a PM 2.5 is much much much smaller than that! And yes, that’s the protection an N95/FFP2 mask and therefore the Banale Mask can give you.

Banale Mask N95 Urban Traveller Co

Banale Mask N95 Urban Traveller CoOne replaceable filter can be used until two months

The Banale Mask is made of two parts: a hard, external cover that protects you against bacteria, and a replaceable filter behind it to capture the smallest of particles (remember, PM 2.5!). At the center of the filter is a valve for comfortable breathing. To use, you simply have to open the filter and fit it around your nose and mouth. When not in use, you can fold it back inwards to close it to protect the inside and keep it clean.

The filter, although replaceable, is also long-lasting. According to the description on the box, it says that the filters don’t actually lose their filtering power, but they recommend changing it every two months for proper hygiene.

The mask, when worn, doesn’t feel restrictive even though the filter creates a seal around your nose and mouth and protection. You can still breathe normally and comfortably. For active individuals, you’ll be glad to know that this mask was also made for runners and bikers—which means this is safe to use even during activities.

Banale Mask N95 Urban Traveller CoWear it around your neck when not in use

The lace on the mask also plays an important part. First of all, with it, you can just hang your mask from your neck when not in use. Just be sure to close your filter first to prevent it from getting contaminated. You shouldn’t just put your mask down anywhere to keep them clean, so wearing them this way is ideal. Next, this lace allows you to wear the mask in various ways, in whichever manner you find is most comfortable for you.

Banale Mask N95 Urban Traveller CoOne way to wear the Banale N95 Mask

Banale has two recommended ways of wearing them, though, if you need a little guide. You can watch their instructional video here:

Am I happy with my Banale N95 Mask? Ecstatic. At PHP 1,499 for a cool-looking, N95 standard mask that is also reusable, it’s a great deal.

Get your own Banale N95 mask here. It comes in three colors: Total Black, Grey and Yellow, and Orange and Blue. For other Urban Traveller & Co. products, check them out through the links below.

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What are awesome reusable face masks have you tried? Tell us your recommendations in the comments!

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