This Authentic Pearl Milk Tea is only P49—So Now We’re Planning to Drink This Every Day

Words by Clarissa Li

Almost everyone is a fan of milk tea, and that’s a fact. There’s just something about the tea and its assorted sinkers that perfectly complement each other to create a delicious and refreshing drink. It’s so addicting, we’d all kill to have it every single day. Admit it or not, we’d buy it 24/7 (I mean I would, so that’s debatable).

Of course, every good thing has its drawbacks. Sometimes, we really do get tired of the slightly pricey and sketchy ingredients. Moreover, we rarely even get to access our ~ultimate favorite~ shops due to the lack of branches nationwide. So listen carefully, (and I do mean carefully), when I tell you this:

This restaurant now offers a legit milk tea experience at an affordable price, and you can get it almost anywhere.

We recommend Chowking’s Pearl Milk Tea, a legit drink that uses freshly-brewed tea and creamy milk for an authentic experience. To make it more special, Chowking uses soft pearls that have been boiled for an hour and a drizzle of sweet caramel syrup. For just P49, you can say goodbye to those powdered, artificial mixes and say hello to the delicious and milky smooth milk tea that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

With over 600 branches nationwide, you’ll be sure to get your milk tea fix anytime. At only P49 for 16 oz, P69 for 22 oz, and P29 for a drink upgrade, Chowking’s Pearl Milk Tea will surely be an affordable, authentic, and milky smooth drink you’ll enjoy.





Contact Number: #9-88-88


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