LOOK: These Unusual Pets Are Undeniably Adorable!

When it comes to pets, most of us think that there are only two sides, either you’re a team canine or a team feline.

If a friend told you that he/she recently acquired a pet, we’re sure you immediately proceed to ask whether it’s a dog or cat, as if these are the only options one has when it comes to pets.

However, there are some people who are brave enough to explore animal companions outside the feline and canine family. Here are some unusual pets we found on Instagram that will surely make you scream “cuuuutteeee”!

5. Duckelberry Finn

Just like any other duck, Duckelberry Finn also loves to take baths during warm days and do a screaming contest with other ducks.

4. Tintin the Squirrel

Fell from a 4-story building, rescued, nursed and loved into cuteness, Tin-tin has become the adorable squirrel that we know now.

3. Hokeyhedgie

Hokey is a one-year-old hedgehog who likes dressing up, taking baths and receiving warm hugs.

A photo posted by Hokey (@hokeyhedgie) on

2. Purple Nurple the Hermit Crab

Purple Nurple is a six-year-old hermit crab. He is treated by his owner as his own child and a legit member of the family.

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1. Penny The Pig

Three-year-old Penny the Pig is a spoiled New-Oinker(Yorker). Although her constant companion is a dog, the dog never treats her like she’s bacon.

Aren’t they all so adorable?

Do you know other unusual pets? Tell us in the comments.


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