These Super Cute Emoji Power Banks are Definitely Must-Haves!

Here in When In Manila, we’re always on the hunt for new things, food, destinations, and anything awesome and worth sharing! This week’s fab finds include Rainbow Splash PH’s emoji-inspired power banks.

Emoji Power Banks 1

With these new, stylish and fun-looking power banks, recharging your phones shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Each power bank is equipped with a 2,600mAh backup battery. A simple LED indicator is also available to show the charging status. Plus, it’s matte exterior makes it so much cuter and easier to hold!

We know you’re half-G already upon seeing the picture, but in order to seal the deal, here are five (5) reasons why you should totally get one of these power banks now!

5. You will never run out of battery ever again.

Imagine this: You’re outside, it’s pouring heavily and you’ve been trying to book a cab for the last 20 minutes but still no luck. Then bam! Your phone ran out of battery.

Hey! This will never happen to you once you purchase one of these emoji power banks. They’re totally perfect for the always busy, side-hustling and travel-junkie millennials, like us. Functionality, check!

Emoji Power Banks 2

4. Buying one power bank won’t break the bank.

You may think that getting yourself a power bank is costly. Not anymore! Rainbow Splash’s power banks only cost Php 950.00 to Php 1,200.00.

Imagine all the time and money you can save looking for a power outlet or staying in a coffee shop just so you can recharge your gadgets. Buying a power bank is much more practical and definitely affordable!

3. It’s portable!

A few years ago, when power banks were still out of sight and out of mind, people used to charge their phones through their laptops when an outlet is nowhere to be found. Thanks to technology and innovation, you can now charge your phones anytime and anywhere through power banks. They’re easy to carry and can definitely fit in your pockets and small purses.

Emoji Power Banks 4

2. Your power bank can match your personality.

There are so many designs to choose from!

Are you a nature lover? Go for the leaf power bank. Loves sending smiley emojis? Call dibs on the laughing emoji. Feeling whimsical? The unicorn power bank is up for grabs! Your favorite emoji can now be your favorite power bank!

1. They’re absolutely cute and adorable!

You’re the kind of person who deserves a power bank as cute as these ones, not the black, boring kind. Recharging your phones can now be fun and functional! Now, it’s time to show off the super cute details and vivid colors of your power banks.

I mean, will you say no to this cute little thing, asking “Can I charge your phone now?”

Emoji Power Banks 3

Rainbow Splash PH


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