These Speakers Are Perfect for Those Who Want to Be Hugged By a Macho Anime Man

From boyfriend pillows to phone cases that will hold your hand, there are quite a number of odd gadgets intended for those who crave physical intimacy you can find on the Internet these days. But here’s something you would never expect to see in public: portable speakers shaped like muscular arms.

Called the Hero of Maiden Hugging Speakers, this is a device you can wrap around your shoulders and bring around with you wherever you go.

Other than its muscly arms, a distinguishable feature is the attached headrest with a head of a handsome anime man printed on it. We don’t know, though, whether it improves the appearance of the speakers or makes it even more creepy.

The Hero of Maiden Hugging Speakers is being released by Japanese company Otome Yusha as promotional material for their recent mobile game release called Hero of Maidens where you play as different handsome anime men who save the world through the power of love.

There’s only one available to be given away, so try your luck and join the Twitter contest!

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