These Smoothies From Resey Blends are Detoxifying yet Delicious

Words by Leika Golez

Photos by Cody Bundoc

In today’s modern age wherein convenience seems to be more valued than health, it’s easy for us to make poor lifestyle choices. It’s just less of a hassle to pass by a McDonald’s Drive-Thru on the way to work rather than waking up early to pack fresh food. Not to mention, unprocessed ingredients are quite difficult to maintain, and you’ll probably need to plan those meals beforehand too! Sometimes, we don’t even have time to eat a meal at all, so what more for a diet plan or a trip to the gym?

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Sounds familiar? Well, maybe you should try these detox smoothies from Resey Blends. Here’s why!

First and foremost, they’re really healthy. These drinks contain super nutritious ingredients that your body will definitely love. But here’s the most interesting thing: they’re vacuum blended! This means that there’s less oxidation during blending, so the nourishment you get from the drink is still maximized even though the mixture isn’t in its solid form. Resey Blends is actually the very first smoothie store in the country to utilize this kind of technology, so give it a try!

But of course, these detox smoothies are just as delicious as they are healthy. There are two tasty flavors to choose from: Grizzly and Pop-Pine Punch.

If you’re really into veggies and tasting those greens, then I suggest the Pop-Pine Punch. It contains fresh coconut water, pineapple, spinach, and grapes. It’s like salad in a bottle! Aside from being anti-inflammatory, it can also help with digestion, blood circulation, and bone strength.

But if you’re more of a sweet tooth who’s looking for a guilt-free treat, then Grizzly is for you. It’s made up of coconut milk, banana, oats, almonds, Himalayan salt, and cinnamon. Close your eyes and you won’t even get to differentiate it from a banana milkshake. This can improve energy, mood, heart health, and protection against cell and tissue damage.

Still not convinced? Here’s one last thing to consider. These detox smoothies are totally convenient. Obviously, it’s a bottled drink, so it’s so much easier to carry, maintain, and intake than a packed meal. To store, you have to keep it frozen at -18 C degrees. When you’re ready to drink, simply leave it to defrost overnight, then you’re good to go!

Another convenient thing about these detox smoothies is how it can actually serve as meal replacements too. Instead of skipping meals when you’re in a rush, take two to three 300mL bottles along with your water, and that will count as a complete meal. You can also simply take it as a supplement by drinking a bottle with any meal or snack. It’s only P145 per bottle too, so what are you waiting for?

You can visit Resey Blends at Unit 205 Pasay Road Condominium, 926 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City. You’ll find other vacuum blended menu items there, so give those a try too. It’s also a good hang-out place, so make sure to bring your friends with you!

Take the opportunity to enjoy these drinks together and detox both physically and mentally.

Resey Blends


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