5 Habits to Check if you are Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Increasing number of Filipinos who are obese had been the trend for the last couple of decade especially with lesser people knowing what is the difference between having a healthy lifestyle to not. Eighty percent of the population of adults in the Philippines are not satisfied with their health, may it be due to their physical appearance or just their overall health. But how can you really see you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle? Are all fat unhealthy?

Here are 5 habits that you can check if you’re unhealthy:


5. Gulping to happy hours

Drinking alcoholic beverage has been a staple in every Filipino household, may it be a casual get-together with your friends or a simple hang-out with your relatives. Drinking in moderation can still be considered beneficial to one’s health, but if you’re already having alcoholic beverage every single day, combining multiple drinks in one sitting, then you are living a dangerous lifestyle. Heavy consumption of alcoholic beverage may lead to sickness such as liver cancer, stomach ulcer, oral cancer, brain damage and many other which can sometimes lead to death.


4. Couch potato

Exercise is essential to our body because it helps boost our energy, strengthen our immune system and control weight gain. Due to the increasing workload of an average Filipino, demanding work schedule, and never-ending traffic situation, fewer people are having the luxury of time to exercise. Instead of lifting weights and doing strenuous cardio, one may choose the less sweaty route of slacking in their comfortable living room chair with a big bag of chips in their hands and watch Netflix replay.


3. Puff that nicotine friend

We all know that smoking is dangerous to your health. It is proven that smokers commonly die eight years younger than non-smokers. Scientific articles prove that smoking damages your heart, lungs, esophagus, stomach, bowels, prostate, and predisposes you to all kinds of cancer.


2. The doctor is always OUT

Doctors are not only professional that we seek whenever we feel something wrong in our body, but should be a regular companion in our lives to track our overall health. It is always best to have a regular checkup because there are some diseases that are called the silent killer. Prevention is much cheaper than cure. People with unhealthy lifestyle tend to steer away from doctors due to two common reason:, denial or lack of information.

1. Check what you put in your mouth

Having a smart food choice may boost your mental and physical health. Trio foods that have a bad effect on your body are fats, sugars, and salt. These ingredients may be the cause of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and other sugar-free products instead.

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