These necklaces make me want to go on an adventure, climb a mountain, and give mother nature a hug

Staple 3

When I think of nature, I think of its elements: The shimmering sea, the sheen of a leaf, and the growing smile of the moon. So much of it is so beautiful and I wish I could carry them around with me. But I know it’s better to leave a flower to grow rather than to pluck it–a lot of nature we have to allow to grow no matter how much we love them or think they’re beautiful. It’s a good thing Staple PH lets us carry around our favorite parts of the world wherever we go!

Staple PH has a selection of necklaces all inspired by nature and adventure. The owner detailed how they began the brand when they struggled to find a gift. “It all started with the struggle of finding my girlfriend a little something for our first monthsary.” We think these make perfect gifts–don’t you?

Staple 6

Each necklace comes in a beautiful hexagonal box with their names inside! Even the names are pretty!

Staple 13

Staple 1

The Thallasophiles necklace (PHP 220)–such a pretty wave!

Each design exudes a simple sophistication while still holding a narrative inside of them. They’ve got a personal touch to them while still looking unique. They definitely go with everything!

The owners’ design philosophy was heavily inspired by their own personal relationship. When asked why they chose these designs, they said: “All designs were made to represent different types of adventure—adventures that personally me and my girlfriend are inclined to.” And this calls out to the rest of the members of this generation, the ones that look to curate themselves in personal, unique ways. “Every piece should have a story to tell, and that is for everyone to feel as if it’s personally made specifically for them.”

Staple 11

A gift for ladies and gentlemen! Everyone can show their love for adventure!

Staple 8

For the owl lover in your life, the Philomat (PHP 220) is perfect

Stirring an energy of adventure isn’t difficult nowadays. More and more people seek the wonders of seeing the world or trying new things on the daily. And these necklaces perfectly exude that. Sleek but still striking, they capture the essence of youth brimming with energy. They’re emblematic for the revived love of exploration and creating our own paths and stories.

Staple 4

Staple 10

My personal favorite–the Abyss necklace (PHP 350)

Staple 12

For all the Moanas out there

And if you’ve got someone you want to go on an adventure with (ooh), why not communicate it with one of these necklaces? They go well with everything (really, they don’t clash!), they’re simple but still very cute, and, on top of it all, they’re very thoughtful. The person you want to give one to might believe in their inner mermaid–why not give them a beautiful wave to wear mermaid-heart on their sleeve?

Or how about if you think someone helps you grow and be at peace? Maybe the Shinrin-yoku will be the one for them, a beautiful gold-plated branch with leaves named after the act of being at peace in the forest. That’s beautiful.

Staple 18

The Shinrin-yoku (PHP 220)

Staple 5

Perfect for the city, for the beach, for staring at your crush in the library, et al

Staple 16

Syzygy, one of my favorite words and designs (PHP 220)

Staple 17

You know how in Avatar, Yue turned into the moon? And her beauty was unrivaled? Maybe this necklace is a good way to say that. It’s a beautiful bar with the moon phases cut out. I love this one. It’s so classy with just a hint of mystery (calling to mind that famous Mulan line–“mysterious as the dark side of the moon!”).

It makes me want to run out and bathe under moonlight in some remote place far away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. Even just looking at these pieces with all their timeless, polished glory makes me want to seek out the nearest beach and shut everything off for a few days to find some peace. I’d like to get lost for a bit and unwind and these pieces just inspire me to go out and see the world! Can’t wait for my next chance to star gaze!

Staple PH