These Mini Choco Chunk Cookies Are the Perfect Gift for Yourself and Your Cookie Monster Friend

Words by Frances Leones

Photos by Althea Catipon

Cookies are the perfect snack for when you’re craving something comforting. Some like their cookies soft and chewy, reminiscent of their mom or Lola baking in the kitchen and the aroma of butter and sugar filling the air. Others like their cookies with a little bite, their crispy baked exterior having a satisfying crunch once you bite into them. They’re delicious on their own, with or without milk, or served warm on a skillet and topped with a scoop of ice cream. And they’re delicious shared with friends or enjoyed by yourself.

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There are countless varieties of this humble baked good, but the classic chocolate chip is the one that probably comes to everyone’s minds when they think of the word “cookie.” Now take those chocolate chips and turn them into choco chunks, and you’re in for double the sweet times.

With Overdoughs’s Mini Cookies, you and your friends can enjoy their signature Choco Chunk and Dark Choco Chunk cookies in bite-sized pieces. While smaller than their regular palm-sized counterparts, the Minis pack a chocolatey punch and are a great way to enjoy this baked snack on-the-go.

The Choco Chunk is my personal favorite. It’s a bit crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. The chocolate chunks are generously proportioned per cookie but aren’t overly sweet. It’s the type of cookie you wouldn’t get sick of eating because of the good-quality ingredients that give this cookie that classic chocolate chip flavor without overpowering you with sugar. If I have a chance to get the regular-sized ones, I would love to try them warmed up to get that decadent gooey chocolate chip cookie texture.

The Dark Choco Chunk is the OD’s Choco Chunk’s bolder, more complex sibling. It’s crunchier than the original and has a deeper chocolate flavor – perfect for the dark chocolate lovers. Great with a cold glass of milk.

Overdoughs Mini Cookies make great gifts, too, for those cookie monsters in your life. One look at that chic little black box of cookies and your friends will know that you’re giving them something that’s better than the average grocery store chocolate chip. You can even treat yourself and get your own box.

Apart from their great taste, Overdoughs’s Cookies also give back to the community. Through The Good Cookie Project, a portion of their sales is shared with St. Benilde’s School of the Deaf Education and Applied Students.

Whether you’re the type who likes to share their cookies with their friends or scarf down the whole batch like Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, Overdoughs is sure to satisfy your cookie cravings.




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