LOOK: These 150-Gram Cookies Are Oozing With Goodness

Words and Photos by Christiana Catu

What is the perfect cookie? Does it have to be chewy or crispy? Exactly how many chocolate chips does it have to have? How big does it have to be? Does it have to be dense or fluffy? I guess we don’t really have a certain set of standards for this good old favorite. Because if it’s good, your heart just knows it!

Since a friend brought me a marvelous box of chocolate chip cookies from a famous brand, I had always been in search of the next best thing–the ones in the promising package, the ones sold behind the glass counters of brightly lit convenience stores, the ones laid out on a painstakingly decorated flat lay photo, or the ones presented partly soaked in a tall glass of milk. Well, we found it. Sunday Bakeshop’s cookies are REALLY something else.

I don’t even have to lie, I’ll just let the photos show you the truth. The cookies are tightly packed with all the greats–chocolate, matcha, cookie butter, and have I mentioned chocolate? And what more–these cookies weigh 150 grams each! Just a piece will not only satisfy your cravings in an instant, but they’ll also make you full instantly. They are chewy, chunky, and always with a surprise center!

Are you starting to drool yet? Because I am!

Sunday Bakeshop’s cookies are dense, flavorful, and insanely good! They are available in 8 delightful flavors: the cinnamon sugar-coated Snickerdoodle cookie with a cookie butter center, the S’mores cookie packed with graham biscuits, chunks of dark chocolate, and marshmallows, the strong Dark Choco-Matcha, the Double Chocolate which goes well with a tall glass of milk, the Hazelnut-Nutella oozing with a generous serving of Nutella, Truffle-Macadamia, Matcha Truffle Macadamia, and, of course, their Original Belgian Choco Chip Cookie with Walnut. Whichever flavor you choose to get, just know that each one tastes like Christmas and quiet Sunday afternoons in your mouth.

Is it obvious yet that they are made with the finest ingredients? I mean, look at them! They are beautiful and enormous. Don’t you just want to sink your teeth deep into those cookie chunks?

Which flavor would you like to try? Tell us in the comments!

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