These Locally-Made Bath Bombs Are a Need for Your Next Spa Day at Home

Already looking forward to unwinding during the weekend? If you’re planning on an extra relaxing night after a long week, it might be time for a DIY spa day at home. We’d highly recommend that you stock up on locally-made bath bombs and bubble baths from Bubble N’ Fizz.

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Bubble N’ Fizz is an online shop started by 19-year-old Ryan Mendoza during the start of the pandemic. He shares with that he has had the dream of becoming an entrepreneur since he was 12 years old! For six years, he was searching for the right business idea for him until he finally came upon bath bombs and bubble baths.

Mendoza shares that it became the brand’s mission to provide their customers with unique products that can be added to their daily bathing routines and create a space for their customers to enjoy self-love and self-care. In these times, we all definitely need a bit of extra help to relax and unwind.

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Bubble N’ Fizz offers a wide variety of high-quality bath bombs and bubble baths that will make you look forward to your daily bath time (no matter how cold it is!).

From their bath bomb line, you can choose from a variety of amazing aromas: energizing lemon, lavender, peppermint, bubblegum, avocado, green apple, and eucalyptus. Of course, all of these come in the prettiest colors that are such a treat to watch once they fizz around in the water.

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Some of their bath bombs also include surprises. Their Surprise Toy bath bomb hides an adorable squishy toy inside, giving you a cute companion while you enjoy your soak.

There’s also The Valentine which is a bath bomb that includes dried rose petals—perfect for Valentine’s Day, or for those days when you need extra self-love.

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These bath bombs from Bubble N’ Fizz are massive, giving you beyond your money’s worth! Plus, the scents are amazing and long-lasting. Be warned, their bath bombs can be extra addicting. I didn’t even want to get out of my soak because it just smelled absolutely divine.

The fact that my skin felt extra soft and moisturized after is a huge bonus.

You can also get locally-made bubble baths for an extra fun bath time. Scents include peppermint, bubblegum, lavender, and sweet berry.


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We also love how these bath bombs and bubble baths are super affordable, with prices starting at 60 pesos! For such a high-quality product, we’re confident to say that this is definitely a steal. You won’t have to spend hundreds on imported bath bombs and bubble baths when you can just get it from a local brand with just the same quality.

Bubble N’ Fizz also uses organic and environment-friendly materials to make sure that their products take care of the planet just as they take care of our bodies.

We truly highly recommend Bubble N’ Fizz for your bubble bath and bath bomb needs—trust us, you won’t regret your purchase! Even the reviewers on their Shopee page only have positive comments on their products.

And don’t worry about not having a bathtub in your home! These bath bombs and bubble baths also make amazing foot soaks. Just drop them in a pail or basin of water and let your feet enjoy the suds. But then again, you can always get a more affordable foldable bathtub.

Make your weekends extra relaxing and exciting with these aromatic bath bombs and bubble baths from Bubble N’ Fizz!

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