These Beautiful Artworks Show Up Dharma Down’s Songs as Characters

Our favorite hugot songs are turned into beautiful illustrations!

Artist Japhers on Facebook (facebook.

com/japhers) made these beautiful characters out of some of Up Dharma Down’s greatest hits and we can’t stop admiring them.


When I asked him what his inspiration was behind these characters, this was his answer:

“I can’t say I’m a dedicated fan but there was a time where I was listening to nothing but UDD songs (earlier in the year, I think, back when I drew these hehe) and I’ve always loved making personifications, so I wanted to see if I could take the emotions/feelings some of the songs made me feel, and see if I could translate or condense those into fun/funky characters! e.g. Tadhana has always had a celestial/transcendent/navigational feel to it, so I ended up with something that had stars and clockwork as the main inspiration~”

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As a little bonus, he even showed us the initial sketches which were what he considers as “class doodles.” Check this out! Such skills right there!


Like Japhers, I love turning things into characters, too. The only difference is that I turn mine into story characters while Japhers manages to give them an actual look. Making visual art had always been my frustration so seeing works like these never fail to leave me in awe.

Such talent you have there, Japhers! Thanks for sharing these with us!

Got more cool artworks to share? Show us and tell us all about it!