ENTERTAINMENT: You Know That Song ‘Tadhana? This Was Where It Was Created

Okay, let me refresh your memory in case you forgot all the feels for the song “Tadhana.”

The song was composed and sung by Up Dharma Down. It was part of the band’s 2012 album “Capacities.”

In 2014, the song was revived to popularity when the hit indie rom-com “That Thing Called Tadhana” used it on the film.

It became the anthem for “sawi.”

Still can’t remember it? Here’s a video to further refresh your memory.

Anyway, about that song…

Armi Millare, Up Dharma Down’s lead vocalist/keyboardist, posted a photo on Facebook that recollects the moment when the song “Tadhana” was created.


She captioned it with:

2010, Mt. Sto Tomas where Tadhana was ‘written’ and recorded on my phone.

An interesting question from Budjette Tan:

How did you write it? Which came first to mind? Did you finish writing everything on the mountain?

Armi answered:

I finished the rest when I got back in Manila. I was working on a deadline of 3 days to produce a song for a tv show, and I got the call just before taking the bus up to Baguio. As soon as I got down I worked on the rest, sent it to the boys and they did their magical arrangement. The song wouldn’t be what it is now if not for them!

Nice to know the history behind this song. Don’t you think? 🙂