These 30-something celebs shared their beauty secrets

Ever wondered how celebs keep their skin fresh and healthy? Because we all know that necklines, dull skin, and all other signs of aging can hit anyone. And yes, even celebrities. Take out your pen and notebooks because these local celebs shared their helpful beauty tips.

4. Heart Evangelista

Heart shared in one of her makeup tutorials that your neck is a delicate part of your body that reveals the early signs of aging. She stated…

It’s the first one to go. I like putting moisturizer on my neck before anything else and just on my chin. I do this early in the morning but I like doing it again later during the day. I mean it’s added prevention, added protection. You’re aging every second of the day.

3. Jodi Sta. Maria

In a recent beauty event, she mentioned that you should always listen to your skin.

Just because a beauty product is trendy, it doesn’t mean that you should be using it. It’s always good to listen to your body. Be mindful of the products that you use and listen to your skin. If your skin is telling you na “okay, with this product, I get pimples” then stop using it.

2. Anne Curtis

She lives by to the saying, “Less is more.” In an interview with Female Network, she stated…

Sometimes, you know what? You don’t need all that much makeup—lipstick is enough.

1. Iza Calzado

Always smile, according to Iza. She once shared that…

A woman who is happy with herself is beautiful regardless of her age, size, shape, or color. Compassion for oneself and others is the key to happiness!

From the tips that were mentioned above, what’s your most favorite? Let us know in the comments section.