The Wizarding World of The Nook Cafe

Before I can tell you a secret, you have to calm yourselves down. Oh screw it, a Harry Potter inspired cafe is here in the metro, people! Potterhead or not, you are going to love The Nook Cafe simply because it super dooper awesome! I couldn’t contain myself to be in a Gryffindor robe (and I wore it the entire resto feature). And you should’ve seen the look on my face. I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time! Takes me back when Harry Potter fever was on an all-time high!

Nook Cafe (1)

If you happen to be a Potter fan, you’ll know that Harry Potter and his friends frequents The Three Broomsticks on holidays or whenever they get the chance to go to Hogsmeade. Yep, I know all that because I am an avid fan myself (saved all my allowances to have the entire Potter hardbound books and I’m proud of it). So when a little bird told me that there is a place like Three Broomsticks, I had to find a portkey to teleport me to The Nook Cafe, stat!

7 Reasons to Love The Nook Café

7. An Inspiring Start-up Business Story

Nook, which means little corner, was conceptualized and owned by 22-year old Nicole Guanio, who is a business-minded individual since way back when she was just little. She candidly told us that she previously sold chichirias, candies, etc (sari-sari store style) laid in a small table outside their house when she was just in elementary. Not that she needs to, but this is something that Nicole actually wants to do.

Nook Cafe (9)Intricate detailing. A table, hand-painted by Nicole herself, looks like an owl’s eye from above.

Fast forward to today. Though Nicole had tried having a corporate job, this was not her calling. She quit and initially started an online business, which she eventually dropped for personal reasons. Nicole then decided to put-up what she wanted since a long time agoa coffee and books themed shop.

Nook Cafe (11)

The concept was good but there are many other café shops around and she has to think of something to make it unique. Being a Potter fan, she thought of having it as a concept, which dawned to her one madaling-araw. This is the birth of The Nook Café which just opened June of this year. It was simple, yet clever at the same time.

6. A (Very) Cool Place to Hang-out.

For a book fan, this shop could be very nostalgic as some details of the café will take you to the magical place of Harry. From the streets of Hogsmeade to the cupboard under the stairs, oh, it was a fanatic’s dream come true!

Nook Cafe (3)With Dobby while opening a Hogwarts letter at the cupboard under the stairs. Yes, they have that too!

And for people who just happens to be dragged by a Potter fan, it could also be amusing as there are cool stuff you can find in the shop. From chocolate frogs, Ollivander’s wand and Potter character pop heads, you might not be a fan yet, but these things will definitely make you want to reconsider.

Nook Cafe (2)

5. A Humble Abode for Bookworms.

There is a book shelf full of books to choose from, not just Harry Potter series books. Or you could bring your own, totally up to you. Just find your perfect spot and do your thing.

Nook Cafe (24)

Check out the the 2nd floor of the cafe, the place is cozier and more relaxed as well.

Nook Cafe (7)Honestly, I could live in this spot. Lol.

4. Do some board games. 

We did the feature while the cafe was still closed, but there were a few people who were checking if the cafe is already open. Some even just waited outside until it opened! As the clock stroked 1 pm, the cafe was a full house! And what I observed from the customers was that most of them immediately borrowed some board games at the register.

Nook Cafe (14) Bato-bato pik, anyone?

3. Caffeine and Fingerlickin’ Pica-picas

Though this is a coffee shop, they also incorporated some finger foods. At hindi basta-basta ha, they have tasty bites for their customers to indulge into.

Nook Cafe (20)Bacon wrapped chicken P140

The bacon-wrapped chicken is a best seller and it’s all for the right reasons. I have previously mentioned that anything wrapped in bacon is delicious add the fact that it is glazed with honey…the result, one delightful snack. Yum!

Nook Cafe (17)A new addition to the coffee menu, Hazelnut Latte P100

And since this is a cafe, they have an array of coffee drinks for you to choose from. May it be hot, iced or frap, they have it all in The Nook Cafe.

2. Goyazilla

Made mostly from local ingredients (read: Cream-o and Goya chocolate), this really is a must-have dessert when you visit The Nook Cafe. Mixed with crushed ice and a hint of mint, this needs to be eaten halo-halo style. Literally, haluin mo to get the full flavor.

Nook Cafe (22)

The best part? Goyazilla is only P75. Served in a mason jar type mug, believe me, this is one sulit dish!

1. Accio Butterbeer!

What is a Harry Potter inspired shop without the famous butterbeer, right? I have tasted an alcoholic one before and yes, I have tried a non-alcoholic one here! Though there is not much difference with the taste (both tasted sweet), a non-alcoholic one has an upper hand as it can be served to anyone, even with the kids.

It’s so good that I can really taste the caramel in it. If you get this, there’s a fat chance that you’ll order another glass (or two)!

Nook Cafe (6)Butterbeer P150 & Wizard’s soup P100

We also tasted the recent addition to their menu, the Wizard’s soup or, in the real world known as, the squash soup. This dish is so new that we were the first ones to try it! Love the creaminess of the soup plus it has the right texture. Not bad for a first try, eh?!

Nook Cafe (4)

They may be new in the business but they have already attracted so many customers. Hitting the bulls-eye on every target market there isfamilies, kids, yuppies, etc. With reasonably priced dishes to having an ingenious ambiance, The Nook Cafe is really one hip hang-out place to visit, may you be a Potter fan or not.

The Nook Cafe

164-A Maginhawa Street, Quezon City


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