The WIMterns Recall Their Favorite Parts of their Internship Graduation

Written by Ching Balina

To celebrate the end (huhu) of our six-month journey as #WIMterns ( Interns), we and the admins spent an afternoon of games, food, and chikahan sessions last June 11, 2017 at Penbrothers Makati.

Penbrothers, being the cool office that is, allowed us to bring the fun to their pantry: Taylor Swift on Spotify, Cards Against Humanity, food on top of food, and so much more. There was definitely plenty of highlights and the WIMterns were more than happy to share their personal favorite moments.

Hanging out with the co-interns

wimtern grad 1

“I had so much fun at the WIM Graduation that I didn’t really wanna go home and face the fact that I won’t be a WIMtern anymore. I guess my favorite part was getting to hang out with so many fellow WIMterns all at once, especially the ones I hadn’t had the chance to work with yet.”

-Keith Carandang, Writing Intern

wimtern grad 3

“My favorite part was the question and answer portion and the games. To be honest, since we do not have much interaction as a batch, I felt like there was going to be some awkwardness talaga. Pero once we played Cards Against Humanity, ate together, and gave sincere messages to each other, I felt like we’ve become a family. We started to know each other. Our internships might end here but the relationships and fun together, those will continue. Hopefully nga may mga upcoming bonding sessions pa.”

-Tiffany Tolones, Writing Intern

“My favorite part of the event is the card game sesh because I unleashed the inner competitive side of me here but unfortunately the odds were notin my favor because my cards aren’t that good. Except for UNO where all of my cards were deadly (HAHAHA just kidding!). But I’m glad that I was able to bond with some of my co-interns and I’m hoping that there’s still a next card game sesh for us.”

-Nikki Collantes, Photography Intern

The food

wimtern grad 4

“It had to be the boodle fight for me. Coming from the Middle East, it’s not something I’m used to, so every time I see a boodle fight, I get so excited. It’s the atmosphere of being a family that makes this culture amazing. Eating and bonding with co-interns and admins was definitely my favorite moment. Plus, the liempo was so good!!”

-Roselle Calina, Videography Intern

wimtern grad 14

“I guess mine would have to be when I got to see old and new faces, talk to them, and play games with them. Oh, and dinner. Love the food.”

-Paul Omer Bicol, Writing Intern

On recognizing the other interns

wimtern grad 10

“The WIMternship graduation made me feel happy that I got to graduate from it and sad because my WIMtern status has ended. It wasn’t a formal graduation but it was definitely fit and fun for us. The most memorable part was when Becky held a mini game where a question would be flashed on the screen and we would think of a WIMtern that fits the description. I was so full of emotions, mostly joy, because it made me look back on my experiences as a WIMtern and made me realize that all the hardships were worth it. I gained new friends and learned more about myself as an artist.”

-Rhobynne Patricia Villanueva, Photography Intern

wimtern grad 18

“My fave part of our event was the game Becky prepared. I don’t know what it’s called pero it’s about recognizing other wimterms that made an impact and they get a prize hehe.”

– Neal Lactan, Videography Intern


Meeting Vince Golangco

wimtern grad 9

“My favorite part of the event was being able to ask Vince anything!!! It helped me with a lot of doubts I have in my life and I was left with admiration for all the hard work Vince and the admin put into making possible!!”

-Chel Cue, Photography Intern

“Meeting Sir Vince and hearing his life advices were my favorite parts of the graduation!! Everything he said was very helpful, true, inspiring, and enlightening. I guess it is not just my highlight of the graduation, but also of my whole When in Manila experience.”

-Elaine Quion, Photography Intern

“So my fave part of the event was the question and answer thing with Vince because it was actually insightful.”

-Jules Gapuz, Photography Intern

“My favorite part of the graduation was when we were able to meet Sir Vince for the first time and hearing his awesome speech, it was really nice to finally meet the one who started it all. But everything in the graduation was fun! Especially when we were allowed to take home a lot of stuff including the food!”

-Christian Uy, Photography Intern

I echo my fellow interns in saying that the graduation was indeed a day to remember. While we’re waiting for the next chance at a bonding session, we’re also eager to watch the 3rd batch of interns create their own memories.

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