The Weekend Sushi will make you crave for sushi bake everyday!

The sushi bake trend came to life when almost everyone was locked inside their homes. Well, we all still are staying home to make sure we stay safe due to the COVID-19 health crisis but… Anyway, just like the Instagrammable yet will-break-your-arms-to-make Dalgona coffee, the sushi bake is a product of creativity with a hint of boredom.

Yet, never discount the fact that both are gastronomic experiences.

When it comes to sushi bake, I never thought that having a different topping to rice ratio could change the entire game. With the trend, I’ve tried a handful of sushi bakes, and each has its own strengths, but The Weekend Sushi opened my eyes to a different world of deconstructed sushi.

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If I were being honest, when the sushi bakes from The Weekend Sushi arrived, I wasn’t excited, really. They arrived at a point in time that the sushi bake taste and tell game was getting kind’a old, for me, at least.

With a closed world saturated with rice, some creamy seafood topping, and nori, how do you stand out?

For me, The Weekend Sushi is doing things differently by going big on the topping. The first scoop exposed all of their secrets— about 2/3 of every scoop is the ensemble of kani, scallops (or shrimp), and their creamy filling.

Wow, okay, this has gotten my attention.

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Another thing to note about their sushi bake is that they have spicy variants. They could add a little more kick to it for me, personally, but it’s a good baseline to make things interesting for the taste buds.

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The Weekend Sushi is a brainchild of Anj Sia-Uy. “During ECQ, just like a lot of people, I started cooking at home during weekends,” Sia told When In Manila. “As you all know, sushi bake became a trend during ECQ and I would often see this in IG and FB.

“I tried making it for my husband’s birthday last May and he liked it a lot,” she revealed how it all started.

When asked when the opportunity to turn her cooking into something she can sell came, Sia said, “I posted it on IG and a lot of friends wanted to try and encouraged me to sell this. I started sending family and friends to get honest feedback. My husband encouraged me to start this small business.”

As for the name of the brand, she explained, “I have regular work during weekdays hence the name – @theweekendsushi – we only make on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).”

Apparently, this small business has also become “my hobby and weekend project.”

“I now understand why people love to cook. It’s really fun when you make something and people appreciate it and send you honest and good feedback to help you improve. Just happy I’m able to send positive and good vibes during uncertain times,” she concluded.

Sia takes pride in every tray of sushi bake they make. They really should be proud because it’s a hella good sushi bake.

“We’re very generous with the topping – you can see it in our Ebi (shrimp) and scallop topping to rice ratio. We only use premium ingredients – from the crab stick, seafood, Japanese rice, and other ingredients we use. We want to make sure our brand stands out by offering good quality food. Also, we limit orders in order to make sure we’re able to maintain the quality.”

It makes me a little sad that The Weekend Sushi is only available during weekends. Or maybe, that’s another trick up their sleeve, so you kind’a miss it.

The Weekend Sushi

Instagram: @theweekendsushi

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