The Two Great Things Every Woman Needs In A Shoe. The Dainty Deck Decision.

When In Manila, a woman with good shoes is never ugly.  You have to admit that there is a universal law & connection between women & shoes – that we can’t seem to get enough of them.

You would score the malls, walk through the tiangges, stop every now and then when a shoe catches your eye. Add to that the really awesome world of Facebook, Instagram, and online shops, and the options are literally unlimited with shopping for shoes these days.

Along with the limitless possibilities comes a decision of how to cut through all the clutter.  There are basically two things to look for in a shoe : STYLE and COMFORT.


You’ve probably had that experience wherein you got this absolutely gorgeous pair, looked good online, even looked nice on your first try – but when it was time to really wear it the whole day … it didn’t even last.

Or … comfort may be on your priority list, but the shoes that feel really good on your feet don’t quite make your outfit.  Style problem alert.

Let me help you cut through all that clutter by introducing the R. shoe line by The Dainty Deck.  Its sensible shoes created to solve the struggle in finding that perfect fit–getting that style and comfort at the same time.

Its a relatively new line – launched just January 2016 by a lady entrepreneur (Rachelle) who is not only passionate about shoes but strongly believes that prioritizing style over comfort should never be the case.


If you’re wearing sensible shoes, they’re sturdy, comfortable, good for walking, and your feet don’t hurt. The R. brand is style and comfort in one.  I can testify to that since I wore R. over the recent holy week vacation in Ilocos and it really lasted me the whole day, through all the places we went to – without flinching 🙂 And I felt pretty good wearing it.


Its proudly Philippine handmade too.  Choose from the first collection : Rivet, Ribbon, Ripple, Rollick, Rove.


When In Manila, feet are meant to be dainty, and you can put on some seriously stylish and sensible shoes on it with R. by The DaintyDeck.  Here’s to chasing your dreams with the cutest pair of shoes you own!


Spring / Summer Collection 2016

Available online

TheDaintyDeck on IG and FB

0917-8191473 (text or viber for orders) for queries or concerns

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