The Struggle is Real: Commuting via LRT/MRT in the Philippines

For several years, I used to take the LRT and MRT going to work. Though crowded, it has always been one of the most fastest ways of getting to work as I live in Manila and work all the way in Makati.  However, these past few months, the number of incidences our railways systems face have continued to go up. From slow trains, to broken trains and even unexpected accidents.

After all the reports, and personally feeling that the struggle was real, I just gave up riding the LRT and MRT…ESPECIALLY the MRT.

From more than 50 trains several years ago, there are now less than 8 operational trains in the MRT. This if course means longer lines and more crowded carts.

MRT -AzPhoto care of blogger Azrael Coladilla

MRT - AzPhoto care of blogger Azrael Coladilla

 LRT MRTPhoto posted by Philippine Railways on their Facebook page

LRT open letterAnd to sum it all up in one photo, check out this photo by Hubert Pachecoincreased rates, decreased service

Do you commute via the LRT or MRT? How’s YOUR experience? What are your thoughts on this?