The Road Less Travelled: Dadaocheng in Taipei

Traveling to Taiwan soon? While it is a must to see the beautiful Taipei 101 and the night markets, Taipei is so much more than that.

In its different districts, Taipei has many hidden gems that you can discover. With its rich history, the city is a cultural melting pot where you can see different influences of Chinese and Japanese cultures. One of their historic areas is Dadaocheng, an area near the harbor where the old and the new beautifully combine to showcase what Taiwan has to offer.

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There are beautiful red-brick houses and historical buildings in the area. You can opt to join a walking tour, so you can enjoy what the district has to offer in better detail. The first time I went to Dadaocheng was in 2016 and I knew that it was an old area where you can get Chinese medicine.

The next time I visited the area, the younger crowd started to visit because of the newly opened shops. Dadaocheng is now the home of coffee shops, tea houses, art shops, galleries, and restaurants.

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What seems to be a small coffee shop from the outside hides a big place to socialize and enjoy a drink or two.

Screen Shot 2019 03 03 at 6.23.35 PMWhat I love most about Dadaocheng are the shops that champion different local products from leather products to accessories, bags and clothes.

One of my favorite shops is called ‘Twine’ where they champion fair trade for different artisans.

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There are other shops that specialize in different kinds of arts, as well, like masks (pictured right) and decorative items and clothes.

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You can also get lanterns for good luck and once you are done with the walking tour, you can sit back and simply enjoy a nice bowl of noodles.

Dadaocheng, the old town of Taipei, is now more than just a wharf. It has transformed into a cultural melting pot that adults and millennials can enjoy.