The Pulp Summer Slam and a Press Con with DragonForce, Amoral, and Circa Survive

When In Manila, The Pulp Summer Slam is home to the hottest rock acts. Celebrated once a year event and highly anticipated by music aficionados, this music festival brings together hard hitting acts from both the country and abroad. 

This year, The Slam presents a very solid line up that will leave you wanting more. Bands playing in order of performance are as follows: Doors, Chicosci, Philia, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Amoral, A SkylitDrive, Circa Survive, Dragon Force, Coheed and Cambria, As I Lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse, and Kamikazee.


For PHP 400 a ticket, this is an event that truly gives you a bang for your buck. The Pulp Summer Slam is a music staple that every die hard rock fan should experience. 


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