The Pulp Summer Slam and a Press Con with DragonForce, Amoral, and Circa Survive

Gearing up towards the event, a press conference was held. Here, DragonForce, Amoral, and Circa Survive talked about their musical growth, the music scene here and abroad, how their sound is labelled, and of course, the music.


 DragonForce, Amoral, and Circa Survive



The guys from DragonForce




DragonForce on their goals in terms of musicality and technical hurdles:

We basically still have to practice a lot on the guitar. We still have to learn new things because you can’t really say that you can’t learn anything anymore because there are so many things in the guitar to learn. Either way, every band member in DragonForce is always trying to evolve their skills and their art so we can all work together and be better, make a better album, and make better stage shows– and it’s definitely something that we’ll continue doing.


Circa Survive (With a third of DragonForce)


Circa Survive on how people label their music:

 You name the music that you wanna make regardless of what they put out in the magazines or in the press. You really cant let that determine what it is you’re gonna do or what the identity of your band is. You have to allow yourself to change and grow, and if they don’t have an appropriate name for that then f*** them.



Anthony Green of Circa Survive on meeting the other bands and their different musical styles:

Yeah we got a chance to meet one another and talk about music. With how diverse everyone is on stage, I think the one thing is we all really love what were doing. We’re all here because we love music so I think thats the one thing that draws us all together.


The guys of Amoral raising their bottles up to Colt 45, which they have been drinking apparently.




Amoral on what we should expect from them next:

I think you should expect anything because we have no idea. Of course, we have a new album and we know what that’s gonna sound like  but talking about the album after that, we have no idea what style that’s gonna be but we dont wanna limit oursleves in any way.


Just the guys goofing around.


When in Manila, be sure to catch Amoral, DragonForce, and Circa Survive  at the Pulp Summer Slam happening on April 26 at the Amoranto Stadium!



(Yes, that’s me with none other than Anthony Green of Circa Survive)



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