The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences: An Artsy Staycation in the City

When work seems to be rather daunting, a great vacation is always in order. Aside from it being an awesome way to refresh your senses, taking a leisurely break from all the hustle also helps on clearing the mind, thus making you more productive and efficient. But sometimes, you just can’t afford to get away from the city, and even the short two hour travel sounds exhausting. Good thing there are great staycation places where you’d be free to lounge around in your underwear without the worries of work, and without being paranoid that you’d miss emergency meetings for your most important project.

The Picasso (11)

Located at the heart of one of the busiest districts in Metro Manila—Makati, The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences offer an artsy getaway from all your worries. Inspired by the works of the legend painter, The Picasso offers a modernistic yet chic approach to hospitality and accommodations. With artworks splashed all over the walls of this stylish hotel, staying inside would actually feel like you’ve teleported to that artsy room you’ve always wanted to have.

The Picasso (1)Lounge area inside the suite

The Picasso offers various rooms perfect for whatever you might need. We had the pleasure of experiencing their suite rooms, which pretty much have everything you need—a mini kitchenette, a spacious living room area, a veranda that gives you a majestic view of the Makati skyline, a bath tub, and a comfortable bed that would make you want to belt out Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song.

The Picasso (3)The Mini Kitchenette—giving you the pleasure of cooking your own food!

One of my favorite parts of the suite was definitely the Mini Kitchenette, as it gives you the pleasure of cooking your favorite meal. It’s also a great way to stick to your diet; no more excuses of eating out as you can easily cook inside your room! They have available utensils and kitchenware that you can borrow. Just hit the front desk up and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

The Picasso (4)Talk about space! Lots of it! 

The Picasso (2)THE bed. Now, would you ever want to leave?

Each room comes in with the usual hotel staples, but one of the things that I liked was the iPod dock, where you could easily put your phone and blast off your favorite playlist as you dance around like a crazy hyena. Always relying on wifi for your Spotify connections? They are equipped with high speed internet, giving you access to their wifi system. Their rooms are well maintained and very clean; you wouldn’t think twice of walking around barefoot.

The Picasso (5)The Picasso’s Gym at the 5th & 6th Floor

If you don’t feel like missing out with your daily routine, the hotel also boasts of a gym, packed with different equipment for cardio and weight lifting. If gym isn’t your cup of tea, you can easily bring in a mat and do yoga in the comforts of your room. The space would be more than enough for you and your companion!

 They also have an in-house spa, which you can easily drop by anytime. Talk about ultimate convenience!

The Picasso (9)Pablo Bar & Restaurant

The Picasso (8)Pablo’s Bar Area

The Picasso (7)The Breakfast Buffet

An overnight stay in the suite comes with a free breakfast at Pablo, located at the ground floor of the hotel. Styled elegantly with a touch of contemporary and western designs, Pablo is a nice place to eat and hangout. They have a selection of delicious breakfast food—from Pinoy silogs, to omelettes, to french baguette, and pancakes. They also have a buffet table where you’d be free to take some pastries and cereals to get along with your meal. On night time, Pablo transforms into a posh restaurant and bar, offering European dishes and an array of wines and beverages.

Another thing that I liked about The Picasso’s location is its convenience. In case you don’t feel like eating steaks and gourmet food available at their restaurant, you can easily walk through the streets of Leviste, and end up at Makati Avenue, where you can conveniently choose any food of your liking. It’s near Century City Mall, where you can drop by for a nice dinner at the Hole-in-the-Wall, or you can go to the streets of Makati and choose from the variety of restaurants.

The Picasso (10)Their fancy lobby in front of the elevators!

And then, of course, one of the highlights of Picasso is the fact that it is a creative sanctuary. Featuring various artworks on their hallways, and magnificently colored rooms and nooks, you can never go wrong with The Picasso’s knack on beauty and art. Aside from the usual paintings, they also have art exhibitions on their second floor gallery, as well as live art sessions on selected time.

All in all, our stay in The Picasso was a wonderful one, and we really enjoyed how secluded it felt even if we’re actually slammed right in the middle of the busy streets of Makati.



The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences