The Philippines Is One of the Most Entrepreneurial Countries in the World

Philippines Most Entrepreneurial Countries(Image from: Richard Branson’s Facebook Page)

Anyone seeking to be an entrepreneur and find financial freedom may want to consider the countries in the following list.

The list of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world is now revealed and the Philippines is in the top 10.

Topping the list is Uganda, an country in Africa whose economy is crippled by dictatorship in the past. It appears that more and more people are starting a business there with 28.1% of the adult population opening their own in the past 42 months.

Reports say that Uganda’s entrepreneurial development is brought about by the massive improvement in its communication infrastructure.

Coming in at number 10, the Philippines appears to have 10.5% of the adult population starting their business. At present, telco-funded start-up businesses are thriving the country. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, which can have a direct impact in the entrepreneurial advancement in the country.

According to Trilby Rajna, one of the researchers, “In countries where the economy is poorer, or where unemployment rates are high, citizens turn to starting their own small businesses where they see opportunity.”

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